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    The Young Movers Program is the School at Peridance's introduction to movement to young dancers. An emphasis is placed on creativity and fostering a love of dance. Dancers are guided through creative expression, coordination activities, basic dance terminology, studio etiquette, musicality and rhythm fundamentals in a fun and engaging environment.

    Age ranges for classes are kept narrow to keep students working at the most age appropriate level for their physical and emotional needs.

    Upon completion of the Young Movers Program at 6 years old, students are able to choose to continue into the Core Pre Professional Training Track or the Children/Teen Open Track.

    NOTE: Please be sure to read through our studio policies before registering for a class!

Academic Year Classes

    Parent and Toddler (18 months - 2 years, with caregiver participation)

    This class is an introductory movement class that explores different forms of locomotion with a caregiver. Each week, dancers will read a story and participate in movement games relating to the story's theme and characters. A caregiver helps to guide a dancer through class activities.

    Toddler Dancing (2 - 3 years)

    This class is an introductory movement class that continues to build upon skills taught in Parent & Toddler. Early weeks are spent with a caregiver and a gentle separation process will take place over the first few weeks of class. While dancers continue to explore movement through story based activities, a new emphasis is put on dancer's independence in the studio.

    Creative Movement (3 - 4 years)

    This class is a beginner movement class that reviews stretching, locomotion and rhythm in a creative setting. While some ballet terminology may be introduced throughout the year, dancers will spend time exploring rhythm and movement through games, songs and props.

    Creative Ballet (4 - 5 years)

    This class begins to look more closely at ballet technique. Attention is given to awareness of posture and class etiquette as well as an introduction to working through basic ballet vocabulary. In this class, students continue to explore their own creativity while bringing focus to proper coordination and alignment.

    Intro 2 Hip Hop (4 - 6 years)

    The School at Peridance Hip Hop program, begins with Intro 2 Hip Hop to familiarize students with hip hop foundation including bounce, rock and grooves. From ages 6 to 18, students are able to study different street dance styles. In this program, students will build upon the foundation /history and vocabulary unique to each style.

    Ballet/Tap Combo (5 - 6 years)

    This class introduces tap vocabulary and rhythm skills alongside a Creative Ballet curriculum. The class is divided into 30 minutes of each style of dance with creative activities incorporated. In Tap, students work on their body control and foot articulation to complete basic vocabulary and rhythm patterns. In Ballet, attention is given to awareness of posture and class etiquette as well as continuing the study of basic ballet vocabulary. In this class, students continue to explore their own creativity, coordination and musicality through the study of two styles of dance.


    Please note, there are NO REFUNDS once registrations and fees are processed and paid. TUITION AND FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Dress Code

Performance Opportunities

Please see academic calendar for tentative performance dates. Parent & Toddler and Toddler are not performance based classes.

Creative Movement, Creative Ballet, Ballet/Tap Combo, and Intro 2 Hip Hop (4-6) classes are invited to participate in Creative Concert held at the end of Spring Semester. This end of the year concert builds upon technique and skills learned during the fall semester.

Performances are typically held in Peridance's KnJ Theater. Families should be prepared to have their dancer dropped off early for their tech and dress rehearsal before the performance.

Note that spring tuition will include a costume fee. Creative Concert tickets will be sold online through Peridance's website.

All important concert information will be sent out within the first weeks of the spring semester.


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