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    The Core Pre Professional Training Track is an audition only program designed to train dancers at an accelerated pace (ages 8 - 18 years). Dancers at each level have a specific set schedule designed to build technical strength and nurture creative expression. A strong emphasis is put on ballet technique. At the younger levels, students compliment their ballet training with jazz technique. As students advance through the program, modern and contemporary techniques are added to their schedules. The Core program aims to train technically strong artists. Students in Advanced Core are eligible to audition for Peridance's Youth Ensemble.

Audition Information

    At this time, all of our in-person audition dates have passed for the 2020/2021 academic year. Students interested in joining the Core track should contact the director to set up an audition or submit a video audition ( Video audition submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and can be submitted through this link.

Academic Year Classes

    Click here for the Spring 2021 Class Schedule.
    *NOTE* The School at Peridance is slowly working on bringing classes safely into the space. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are being held virtually.

    Click here for the Academic Calendar.

    Please note: for Spring 2021, classes may be limited due to Covid-19.

    Levels & Class Requirements per week

      Pre Core (6 - 7 years)

    • 1 ballet class
    • 1 floor barre class

    • Core I (7 - 8 years)

    • 2 ballet classes
    • 1 jazz class

    • Core II (8 - 10 years)

    • 3 ballet classes
    • 1 jazz class

    • Core III (9 - 12 years)

    • 3 ballet classes
    • 1 pre pointe class
    • 1 jazz class
    • 1 modern class

    • Core IV (11 - 14 years)

    • 3 ballet classes
    • 1 pre pointe or pointe class
    • 1 modern class
    • 1 contemporary class

    • Core V (13 - 16 years)

    • 3 ballet classes
    • 1 pre pointe or pointe class
    • 1 pre pointe class
    • 2 contemporary classes
    • 1 modern class

    • Advanced Core (15 - 18 years)

    • 3 ballet classes
    • 1 pre pointe or pointe class
    • 2 contemporary classes
    • 1 modern class
    • Elective Classes (for Core IV and up)
    • Street Dance class
    • Additional pre pointe or pointe class
    • Pre Pointe and Pointe class placement is to be determined by school director and Core faculty.


    Please note, there are NO REFUNDS once registrations and fees are processed and paid. TUITION AND FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.


    In the Core Program, regular attendance is crucial for both personal and level growth!

    Students who miss classes will fall behind on class material and progression. We do understand that absences will occur throughout the year. It is important for students to check in with their peers regarding any missed choreography or important notes. Core students are required to schedule make up classes with a school administrator.
  • Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes.
  • Excused absences include illnesses with a doctor's note or high school/SAT testing. These absences MUST BE COMMUNICATED with a school administrator as early as possible.

  • General

  • Please notify us in advance when students will be unable to attend class. This can be done via email to The email should include the subject line: Absence, date, student name and class

  • Virtual Classes

  • Please be sure to check for class links a few minutes before your class so any missing links can be forwarded to you in a timely manner.
  • Students who are not feeling well are always encouraged to observe their virtual classes.
  • Students must ALWAYS keep their cameras ON for safety and in order for the teacher to be able to monitor and provide feedback.
  • Please notify a school administrator if you have technical issues and we can help provide a solution. Students who consistently keep their cameras off may be marked absent for their class.

  • In-Person classes:
  • Due to strict check in times, it is very important to arrive at classes on time.
  • Students who are not feeling well are asked to take class virtually and NOT attend class in-person. No doctor's note is required in this instance. Dancers are always welcome to participate in classes virtually.
  • Please keep us informed if there are any changes in caregivers or class dismissals and drop offs.

  • Observing Classes

  • Students who are observing should be taking notes in class that could be shared with the teacher or school administrator. Writing down combinations, general corrections and other thoughts are acceptable.
  • Students should not be doing outside homework or be on their phone

  • Make-Up Classes

  • All students are responsible for communicating absences with a school administrator via email
  • A list of make up classes will be offered and can be scheduled at that time.
  • All make-up classes for the 2020/2021 academic year will take place virtually.

Dress Code

    Dress code is required for at home virtual classes with the exception of footwear. Dancers are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear, but in certain instances teachers will advise with alternative options to protect students' feet and floors at home.

    For all classes, dancers should have hair secured back away from their face.

    Please note that dancers for any ballet based class are welcome to wear pink or flesh colored tights with pink or flesh colored ballet slippers. We do ask that tights and shoes match for a consistent line.

    Class Dress Code
    Core Ballet (Girls) Black Leotard / Footed Ballet Tights / Ballet Slippers
    Core Ballet (Boys) White Fitted T-Shirt / Black Boys' Tights / Black Ballet Slippers / Black Socks
    Core Jazz Black Leotard / Black Tights or Leggings / Black Tap Jazz Shoes
    Core Contemporary Black Leotard / Black Tights or Leggings / Bare Feet
    Core Street Dance Comfortable Clothing (Leggings, T-Shirt, Sweats) / Athletic Sneakers / No Crop Tops or Booty Shorts

Performance Opportunities

    Spring Semester builds upon technique and skills learned during the fall semester and classes will also put together choreography to perform on stage.

    All Core Students are invited to participate in Peridance Center's Nutcracker held each December.
    Families should be prepared for additional rehearsals to take place on the weekends leading up to the performance. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given to each dancer during the first few weeks of the fall semester.

    All Core students perform in the Core Concerts held in May at Peridance's own KnJ Theater. This performance showcases all of the work students have done over the course of the academic year.
    Families should be prepared for additional rehearsals to take place the week leading up to the performance. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given to each dancer during the first few weeks of the spring semester.

    All Core students are invited to participate in Annual Concerts held at the end of Spring Semester.
    Performances are typically held on Saturday and/or Sunday (classes will only perform in 1 show) and families should be prepared to have their dancer dropped off early for their tech and dress rehearsal before the performance.

    Note that spring tuition will include a costume fee. Nutcracker, Core and Annual concert tickets will be sold online through Peridance's website. Please note: Nutcracker and Annual Concert tickets tend to sell out quickly!