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About MOPTOP X Peridance Center

Peridance Center will deepen its commitment to dance education through a new partnership with MOPTOP Universal. The MOPTOP School at Peridance Center will bring together some of the leaders in the street and club dance scene in New York to offer new Street and Club Dance Open Class programming as well as the long anticipated MOPTOP Professional Program. In September 2022, Peridance Center and MOPTOP launched a three month pilot of the MOPTOP Universal Professional Program. The Program will continue in September 2023 with a new 6 Month curriculum.

The six month MOPTOP Universal Professional Program at Peridance Center will commence in September 2023 and will provide students with a condensed and comprehensive learning experience within a guided and regimented street dance curriculum. The program will be open for dancers of all levels ages 18+. Students will learn with some of the leaders of the street and club dance scene in New York. The six month program will culminate in a performance at Peridance Center's KnJ Theater.


The MOPTOP Professional Program will guide students through a regimented street dance curriculum. Student learning will include history, terminology, vocabulary, performance, and technique. Students will gain the necessary tools to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Help students achieve an advanced level of technique and performance skills in street and club dance styles
  • Provide a platform for students to work with the leaders of the global street dance scene
  • Prepare students to work with as professional dancers
  • Develop students' professional attitudes and the discipline necessary to succeed in the field

Curriculum will include:

  • 21 hours of weekly learning for 6 months
  • Vocabulary Sessions
  • History and Culture
  • Musicology
  • Choreography and Routines
  • Technique and Transition
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Evaluations and Feedback

  • * * The six month program will culminate in a performance on stage at the KnJ Theater at Peridance Center

Peridance Partners

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