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Buddha Stretch

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York with three sisters and one younger brother, Stretch was influenced by his dad Emilio Austin, Sr. His Dad danced as a youth and provided Stretch with discipline, inspiration, support and motivation and remained by his side to guide him throughout his career. This foundation carries Stretch, a father himself, throughout his personal and professional career today. Stretch heavily impacted the dance world by bridging the gap between what was termed, Ol! Skool and New Skool.

His dance style, known as Freestyle Hip-Hop, draws from all aspects of Hip-Hop culture, music and dance. These moves during the early days of music videos helped to launch the popularity of dance in this medium, as well as live shows. Stretch's first audition was for The Dance Theater of Harlem; however, he left after seeing dancers in leotards and tights. His first video was with Eric B & Rakim, Eric B for President. He met the members of his first dance crew Mop Top at a music video audition they booked for Diana Ross, Working Overtime. They began to hang out at New York’s night spot, The Tunnel, and later formed their crew. He later formed a crew called Elite Force which appeared in documentaries, music videos, live shows and in countless projects overseas. His first choreography job was for Joeski Love (Pee Wee Dance), and he went on to work with the likes of Rosie Perez; Will Smith in the Men In Black and Miami videos; Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time video (his most memorable experience) and more. He was nominated for two MTV Awards for "Best Choreography!” for the Will Smith videos Men In Black, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, and Miami. Recent credits include choreography for Virgin recording artist Thalia (on Good Morning America), Aida, Tony Award Winner, Heather Headley, Hot ‘97 Air Personality, Angie Martinez and rapper Rah Diggah. In 1989, Stretch was the first Hip-Hop dancer to teach Hip-Hop in a mainstream dance studio – New York’s Broadway Dance Center. Stretch is no stranger to music. An MC and writer himself, he recorded an underground hit called It Don’t Matter by Ten Thieves and continues to make music today. His versatility is also displayed by his participation as a dancer and contributing choreographer for the Dance Theater crew Full Circle, and Co-Artistic Director of the Dance Theatre Company MiddleGround. His trendsetting style keeps him in demand as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and performer. His passion for dance is exhibited every time you experience his work. Stretch believes “music is the universal language; dance is its interpreter.”


As a Brooklyn native, Caleaf Sellers (aka Big Leaf) began developing his craft at an early age. His passion for dance and love for music has kept him in the business for 30 years. Caleaf is one of the original pioneers to come out of New York's dance movement in the late 80's. He is a member of the famed Moptop Unit and a founding member of New York City’s Dance Fusion NYC Crew. Caleaf mixes Hip-Hop and House to create his own unique dance style. As an emcee/producer, Caleaf has created music for the Break of Dawn Label with the Ten Thieves, Moptop in Japan and on Harlem Recordings with DJ Kango. He is currently signed with Catch the Ghost Records and has released 1 album and 2 EPs on this label. As a DJ, he plays parties nationally and internationally. Caleaf currently tours the world teaching the art of House dancing. His goal is to share the culture of the dance through performances and by teaching movement foundation, technique and history from an originator point of view. He is committed to keeping the culture alive for future generations of dancers. He has appeared in the films New Jack City, Strictly Business and Boomerang and has appeared in Renny Harris’ Broadway musical, New York Hip Hop Legends. His television appearances with music artists include Mariah Carey’s Showtime special, the Arsenio Hall Show, Jay Leno, Top of the Pops London and Showtime at the Apollo with Cece Peniston and on the Joan Rivers Show with Crystal Waters. He has appeared in music videos for Diana Ross, Doug E. Fresh, Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Crystal Waters, Pet Shop Boys and Public Enemy. He has choreographed the tours of Crystal Waters, Cece Peniston and Heavy D. He is the founder of the Supreme Foundation dance workshops and clothing line and a co-founder of 36ChambazOfStylz.

Sekou Heru

Sekou Heru, aka Tony Williams, has been involved in the performing arts since he was very young. His first love was B- boying. In high school, he attended Mercer County School of the Arts and studied modern dance. In 1993, Sekou started studying Capoeira Angola with Mestre Joa Grande at the Capoeira Academy in NYC. He went on to fuse his breaking and modern dance styles with hip hop and house dance. Sekou has worked with Gwen Guthrey, toured with Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and can be seen in videos with Aretha Franklin, MC Lyte, Clubland, Pet Shop Boys, Foxy Brown, and Jay Z. Sekou was a featured dancer in the movie Marcy X with Damon Wayans, can be seen in the dance scenes on Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour, and seen in Brown Sugar starring Taye Diggs and Sanna Lathan. He has toured in Germany with German rapper Tony Cottura, and has traveled several times to Japan for the annual premier Dance Delight event as a guest judge and featured dancer with the group Dance Fusion, of which he is a founding member. He was a part of the opening act for Cece Peniston’s Japan tour, and also opened for Cool C's Let me clear my throat in his Japan performance. He was featured in Japan’s "woofin" magazine as one of NYC’s top dancers. Sekou toured the USA with Fred Ho and The Afro Asian Ensemble in the Martial Art stage show Voice of the Dragon.

In 2005 Sekou choreographed the Dance Dance video for Fall Out Boy that went #1 in the country and won a Best Video Award at the MTV VMAs.


Cebo has been dancing since before he could speak. Winning his first dance competition at 5 years old. He has since gone on to win some of the world’s largest dance battles such as Juste Debout, and House Dance International. He has also choreographed for King Street Records recording artist Kimara Lovelace. He has collaborated with all of the top street dancers in the world today.

In 2003, he set out to open a studio in Japan based on teaching the fundamentals of street dance. Next Generation New York Studios is now in its eighth year of operation with well over one thousand students making it one of the largest street dance schools in the Chugoku region of Japan. In 2013 he started his own dance company GenX The Company based in Okayama, Japan. In the summer of 2013 he returned to New York to join the two communities of street dancers through music, feeling, and dance.


Henry Link grew up in the projects of Brooklyn. The first time his eyes landed on the art form happened he watched his second oldest sister get down to the beat. Shortly after Locking, Popping, Freestyle, Breaking appeared, Henry became fascinated by these styles of dance. He became determined to master these techniques of dancing by practicing relentlessly regardless of any mistake that may have challenged him. In no time his natural ability to dance started to show. With a bit of confidence he entered many local talent shows and won most of them. At the age of 18 after Graduating from Canarsie High School, opportunity knocked on his door when he met Rosie Perez. After meeting Miss Perez, his career in dance & choreography started to take flight. His dedication finally started paying off when his style of dance landed him in the music videos of Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Today, as a founding member of Elite Force Crew. Henry has become one of the world's most charismatic figures in the art of freestyle dancing and naturally, one of Brooklyn finest!

Chrybaby Cozie

From Harlem, NY, Chrybaby Cozie is one of the founding fathers of the Hip-Hop freestyle genre called Lite Feet. Being raised in Harlem in the late 80’s was a source of great influence for Chrybaby, as it was his foundation for dance, music and the source of inspiration to uplift the youth and communities around him today.

Chrybaby has been teaching Litefeet and Hip-Hop and has been cultivating and keeping the Litefeet culture alive for ten years with the NYC youth. Through the culture he has created a Hip-Hop dance organization called The Bwreckfast Club E.A.T (Earning All Together) in 2005. The Bwreckfast Club is a platform for youth to build upon their passion, talent, and to be given an opportunity to promote themselves in a positive light. After the creation of The Bwreckfast Club Chrybaby created The Lite Feet Nation; a community connected by individuals who were there from the conception of the dance genre, to the youth who keep it alive today.

His extensive knowledge and connection to Hip-Hop and Litefeet has led him to working with artists and at events such as Chris Brown (Kiss Kiss), Ron Browz (Pop Champagne) ft. Jim Jones and Jules Santana, ASAP Ferg (Dope Walk), Swag Kidz (5000), Kiesza (Give It To The Moment), The Bad Boy Reunion Tour, Halo Awards (Hosted by Nick Cannon), ABC's The View, The Apollo Theater (Breakin’ Convention), Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Chrybaby’s passion is to empower the youth with knowledge and dance, and continue to spread the culture of Lite Feet and Hip-Hop. His dedication and love for the culture has changed his life and inspired many others around him.

“Leveling up is my way of life. Level Up Amongst The Greatest.”

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