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Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 world health pandemic, Peridance rules and regulations are subject to change.

Class Type Rate
Single Class In-Studio $23.00
Single Class In-Studio
Equity/Union/Senior Discount*
*Must present valid card or ID.
10-Class Series In-Studio
(SAVE $30)*
*Expires in 4 months from date of purchase
Single Class Online $15.00
*All Class Rates are subject to change.


  • Cancellations for In-Studio classes must be made 24 hours prior to class, by emailing, in order to give those on the waitlist adequate notification that they have been added to the class.
  • For cancellations made prior to 24 hours before the class start time, students will receive a credit to their account. Classes expire 14 days from date of purchase, not from date of class or cancellation.
  • No credit or reimbursement will be given for late cancellations or for not showing up for a scheduled class.
  • If a student purchases an in-studio class and is placed on the waitlist, they will be notified via email when/if a spot becomes available. If a space does not open up, the class will be returned to their account for future use.
  • Peridance is committed to keeping our community safe. If a student must late cancel (24 hours before the class start time) due to illness please email If a student is positive for COVID-19 or shows COVID-19 symptoms, they will not be allowed in the building for 14 days.

  • If a student purchases an In-Studio class and is placed on the waitlist, they will be notified via email when/if a spot becomes available. If a space does not open up, the class will be returned to their account for future use.
    • Step 1 - Sign up for an In-Studio class via Mindbody, or our website. If the class is full, students will either be prompted to sign up for the waitlist or informed that there is only waitlist availability for that class. Please be aware that depending on the method used to sign up, the location of this information will vary.
    • Step 2 - If a student purchases an In-Studio class and is placed on the waitlist, they will be notified by our Front Desk Team via email when/if a spot becomes available (
    • Step 3 - The student must then promptly confirm whether or not they would still be interested in attending the class. If they have not responded in a timely manner, the available spot will then be offered to the next person on the waitlist, and the class credit will be returned to their account.
    • Please Note: The latest we will contact students on the waitlist will be two hours prior to the class. If a student on the waitlist has not been contacted by the front desk by that time, they have not been put into the class and the class will be credited to their account for future use.
    • We kindly ask that students not come to the studio unless they have received confirmation from our Front Desk Team that they have been given a spot in the class. We are not taking walk-ins at this time due to capacity limitations.
    • Students should email with regards to any waitlist questions.

  • For online class cancellations made prior to 2 hours before the class start time, students will receive a credit to their account. Classes expire 14 days from date of purchase, not from date of class or cancellation.
  • For online class cancellations made within two (2) hours of the class start time, students will forfeit their place in class and shall not receive a refund.
  • There are NO refunds or exchanges for Connect Online Classes.
  • Peridance reserves the right to cancel a class should the class have an enrollment of less than five students. If Peridance cancels a class due to low enrollment, the student will receive a credit to their account. No refund will be given.

COVID-19 Refund Policy
  • In the event of a school closure due to COVID-19, Peridance will continue programming Online. No refunds will be given for programming changes due to COVID-19 such as, but not limited to travel restrictions, classes shifted from In-Studio to Online distance learning, substitute teachers, and any school closure due to a positive test result.
  • If Peridance must cancel programming due to COVID-19, Peridance will issue In-House credit for future programming. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.
  • Should there be a problem with a credit card charge, please contact the front desk prior to self-canceling the purchase. Additional fees and/or block on your account may occur if you self-cancel a duplicate charge or error to the charge. Please contact for assistance.

  • Internet Issues on Peridance Side: if the teacher or host drops out due to internet connectivity issues more than twice and cannot make up time by adding additional time at the end of the class, a credit will be awarded for that single class to the student's MindBody account for future use. you to use at a later date in the future.
  • Internet Issues on the student side (your side): if you have signed up and paid for a class and cannot attend due to bad internet connection, we will retain a credit for you for that class. If your internet drops during a class more than twice and you cannot complete class, please notify us at and we will determine to retain you a class credit based on our class administrators report.



  • Registration for In-Studio classes will be on a first come first serve basis.

    Maximum number of occupants (count includes Teacher and Musician and is subject to change based on total building occupancy):
    Updated on May 1st, 2021.
Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 4 Studio 5 Studio 6
14 12 14 12 14 6

  • Registration for classes will open five (5) days prior to the start of each class.

  • Class registration must be completed online via MindBody prior to arrival at Peridance. In the event that a student does not register online before arriving at Peridance, the student will be required to use their personal device to register and pay for class. Peridance will not facilitate registration for classes at this time. Peridance will only accept credit card payments through MindBody for class payment.

  • Enrollment for ALL Classes (Online and In-Studio) closes ten (10) minutes before the start of class. Students will not be allowed to register for classes after this cutoff time.

  • All registrants are required to fill out a health screening survey per class within one (1) hour prior to arrival at Peridance. Students will not be allowed to enter the building until they have completed a COVID-19 Health Screening Survey.

  • Before class registration, please read Peridance's COVID-19 protocols and procedures as listed in Peridance's Reopening Plan. Click here for more information.

  • Peridance requires mandatory temperature checks for all persons before entrance into Peridance Center. Peridance does not allow persons to enter the building with a temperature at or greater than 100.4 degrees fahrenheit.

  • Peridance requires all persons to wear masks while in the building. Peridance will not accept bandanas, t-shirts or other garments tied around the face, or gaiter neck wraps as appropriate mask coverings, as they are not secure and may fall while dancing.

  • In order to maintain strict protocols under new COVID-19 regulations, Peridance reserves the right to deny entry to any person who arrives late for a class. In order to limit large groups entering the building, it is imperative that each person arrives on time and no earlier than ten (10) minutes before their scheduled class time.

  • Any person who does not arrive within the ten (10) minute window before their scheduled class time will not be allowed to enter Peridance and attend class. Their place will be forfeited in the class and they will not be reimbursed nor given credit for the class.

Class Series In-Studio

  • Students must pre-register with a Class Card in order to ensure their place in a class as class capacity will be limited In-Studio.

  • In-Studio Class Cards must be used for In-Studio class participation ONLY.

  • Unused Class Cards that were purchased or expired in the month of March 2020 will be honored through February 28, 2021 with no additional fee. All other class cards expiring prior to March 2020 are subject to regular card extension and expiration rules. Waived extension fees will be on a case by case basis. To reactivate your class cards please email Upon reactivation, the monetary value of your remaining class cards will be added to your MindBody account as credit to be used for both In Studio and Online Classes. Any class cards not reactivated before February 28, 2021 will NOT be honored and no reimbursement or credit will be given.

Online Classes (Via Zoom and MindBody)

  • Online Class Cards Purchased between May-August 2020 will be honored through their expiration date.

  • Download Zoom for either your mobile device or desktop prior to the start of your first class. You do not need to create a Zoom login or account to take our livestream classes.

  • Enrollment opens ten (10) days before class start date, and closes ten (10) minutes before class starts.

  • Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection - otherwise, the stream may skip.

  • Online Classes are for Ages 13+. We also have summer sessions for Children & Teens.

  • Ensure live-stream links arrive in the inbox (Gmail) *Make sure to add to your email

  • Your live-stream link can only be used once, so please do not share with other students. If two students are sharing a camera, verification that each student purchased a class will be required.

  • Arrive ten (10) min before class starts to make sure there are no technical issues. Our staff will be present to help with any technical difficulties.

  • Once you enter the class waiting room, at the start of class, you will be added to the virtual class via Zoom where you'll see the faculty member, as well as other members of the class.

  • Your previous Peridance class card series will not be valid on livestream classes.

  • All classes are in Eastern Standard Time for New York, USA (EST), Coordinated Universal Time (UTC -4:00).


Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone at Peridance Center. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our policies.

House Rules

  • Please be prompt and arrive on time for your class. Latecomers disrupt everyone. Generally, instructors do not allow students to join in the class more than 15 minutes after the start time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that stretches, and remove any dangling jewelry.
  • Cell phones, pagers, and other communications devices should be turned off before class. Please be polite to your teacher, to your classmates, and to everyone working at Peridance Center.
  • Everybody is entitled to respect.
  • Dance shoes should be worn only in the studio or on stage. Wearing dance shoes in a parking lot or on a street or sidewalk can damage the shoes and bring in dirt that can damage the dance floors.
  • No food, drink (except water), or gum is allowed in any studio, and there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • Possession, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are not permitted on the premises at any time.
  • Theft, lying, plagiarism, forgery, and all other forms of dishonesty will not be tolerated at any time. No form of harassment (sexual, verbal, or otherwise) or bullying will be tolerated at any time.

Peridance Center does not discriminate and will never refuse service to any prospective or current student on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or veteran status. However, to ensure the productive and safe operation of our classes, we reserve the right to refuse service, or to terminate service, to anyone on the basis of inappropriate or wrongful behavior at our building (or off-site location, if applicable). For example, Peridance Center reserves the right to terminate service to any student who violates any of our house rules or who is disruptive in class. Individuals asked to leave our building (or off-site location, if applicable) may be refused re-entrance and will not be entitled to any refund (full or partial).

Limitation of Liability

In consideration of Peridance Center's delivery of dance instruction to you and your expectation of receiving such instruction evidenced by your entry upon the property of Peridance Center and/or off-site location being used by Peridance Center, and your purchase of dance classes, you agree and acknowledge that:

  • You freely and voluntarily assume any risks and hazards inherent in the nature of the dance class and, accordingly, your participation in the dance class shall be entirely at your own risk.
  • You waive any claim you may have against Peridance Center arising from your participation in dance class and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Peridance Center for any claim, including any claim for medical services arising from your participation in any activity at the Peridance Center. This release, waiver of claim and assumption of risk is binding on you, your executors, administrators, personal representatives, and assignees.

Health and Safety

For minor injuries, ice packs and first aid kits are available for sign out.

Peridance Center works in partnership with the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. All students should make use of this invaluable resource. The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases is dedicated to providing the dance community with the highest quality in injury care and preventative resources. They offer many subsidized and free services including orthopedic and sports medicine clinics, physical therapy and athletic training services, and injury prevention lectures and workshops. The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries is located at: 301 East 17th Street, New York, NY. For more information about the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and for general information regarding healthcare for dancers and injury prevention, please go online to or call 212.598.6022.

A Resource List of additional medical facilities, doctors, orthopedists, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. is available by request for student review.

The nearest hospital is Beth Israel Medical Center, located at 10 Union Square East, New York, NY. For Emergencies, students should contact 911 or appropriate authorities.

Peridance Center is monitored by 24hr security cameras. Peridance Center has a cooperative relationship with the 9th Precinct of the NYPD. All crimes are reported directly to the NYPD. Peridance Center has a zero tolerance policy for malicious and/or illegal behavior. Students should report all incidents of assault, harassment, molestation, theft, hate crimes or other illegal behavior occurring on Center premises. If appropriate, the incident may be reported to the police.

In the case of natural disaster, fire, or other emergency, exits are clearly marked. Students should evacuate in an orderly fashion and reconvene across the street.

Peridance Center reserves the right to modify and change the terms and conditions of service at any time, so please check here regularly for any changes or updates. These policies were last updated in September 2011.

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