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International Student Testimonials

The International Dance School / Peridance Center is proud of its diverse, vibrant student population that comes to study with us from all over the world!

Kathrin Spinnler - Switzerland
I am starting to transition from dance student to dancer - the independent structure and the great instructors really helped with that. I have been able to rekindle my love of dance at Peridance. I have started to figure out a way to keep both dance and my love of teaching in my life.

Yun Zhou - China
Amazing teachers and flexible curriculum!

Florencia de la Rosa - Argentina
It was amazing taking classes with teachers from all around the world.

Liedewei Verbelen - Belgium
It has opened possibilities in terms of my future as a dancer.

Cecilia Redhe - Colombia citizenship: Sweden
I had the freedom to take whatever class I wanted. I had time to really explore the city where Hip Hop was born.

Sol Apesteguia - Argentina
I stopped learning dance by copying, and now I can understand the biomechanics and apply it to my own body. This program has given me the tools to take control of my own learning experience and now I feel more in control of my technique.
I loved the classes and the teachers. I learned more in three months here than in several years back home. Some of the teachers were really generous in giving me the knowledge I needed to feel empowered about my learning experience. I came here to develop my technique, but I didn't expect seeing my dancing in a whole different way.

Michaella Ho - Canada
The program was very challenging, but I found joy in my success and even in my failures. I had more fun than I thought I would doing this program. Even if I was sick, injured, tired and doing more than 4 classes a day, I still left at night feeling energized and content from the positive environment around me at Peridance.

Helen Hannak - Germany
I found it so exciting to go to so many different classes. It was a lot of information and impressions, but it was totally worth it. It was also great to take other classes to discover that the principles of the Humphrey/Limon technique are a great help and very adaptable to other dance styles too. Once I found the additional classes and the styles and teachers I wanted to follow at Peridance, it was just an amazing journey, ready to make you grow!

Natasha Frater - United Kingdom
I completed the six-month PLUNGE program. Outside of my core seminar classes I was able to tailor the program to meet my individual interests by building my own schedule from Peridance's open class list. This in turn enabled me to take classes in a variety of genres. Whilst at the same time I could develop my technique in an environment where I was made to feel welcome by the faculty and could collaborate with students from around the world. I am immensely grateful for these features and for my time at Peridance Center International Dance School.

Tuva Selmer-Olsen, Norwegian
I am glad I got to spend three months at Peridance Center. The time here has challenged and helped me grow personally, technically, in terms of artistic expression as well as to how I relate to other dancers and our environment.

Kate Fitzgerald - New Zealand
An outstanding experience with the open 3-month program! A self-development and confidence journey through all categories of dance and improvisation. Highly recommended for all ages and abilities. What a wonderful memorable experience I take with me. Thank you to the Peridance community.