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The School at Peridance offers a unique training program known for providing students with the necessary tools for a (professional) career in dance. The program is divided into age appropriate tiers of study, which enables students to progress according to their talent and ability. The aim of these ballet training programs is to provide these young artists with multiple opportunities to develop their technique and artistry in a nurturing classroom environment.

Core Program (8.5 - 15.5yrs)
This program trains young students at an accelerated pace, focusing on proper Ballet technique, strength, flexibility and body alignment. Additional attention is given to musicality, movement quality and anatomically correct work which is closely monitored and evaluated in order to ensure each student's growth and progress. Core students are also encouraged to take additional technique classes in Modern and Jazz.

TThe program offers the following tiers of study:

  • Core I Ages 8.5-9.5 (2 required Ballet classes per week)
  • Core II Ages 9.5-10.5 (2 required Ballet classes per week)
  • Core IIIA Ages 10.5-11.5 (3 required Ballet classes per week)
  • Core IIIB Ages 11.5-12.5 (3 required Ballet classes and 1 required Modern class per week)
  • Core IVA Ages 12.5-14.5 (3 required Ballet classes, 1 required Modern class, and 1 required Jazz class per week)
  • Core IVB Ages 13.5-15.5 (3 required Ballet classes, 1 required Modern class, and 1 required Jazz class per week)

Peridance Jr. and Sr. Youth Ensembles (14 - 18yrs)
A pre-professional training program for dancers ages 14 to 18 years old and not-for-profit outreach youth dance companies. In addition to the extensive, well-rounded curriculum of classes, Ensemble dancers have the opportunity to work closely with renowned choreographers and to participate in performances in New York City! Peridance Jr. & Sr. Youth Ensembles has positively influenced hundreds of children from various organizations by extending their knowledge and love for dance through performances and interactive workshops, inspiring participants and enhancing their sense of community. Collaborations with organizations include: University Settlement, Services at the Beacon, and Turn 2 Foundation.

The program offers two tiers of study:

  • Jr. Youth Ensemble Ages 14-16 (4 required Ballet classes, 1 required Modern class, and 1 required Jazz class per week)
  • Sr. Youth Ensemble Ages 16-18 (4 required Ballet classes, 1 required Modern class, and 1 required Jazz class per week)

Pre Professional Level & Placement Note:

Please note these ages are guidelines for average placement, however students may be placed above or below these indicated age brackets based on prior experience and technical readiness. Especially in the upper levels of the program, age overlap may vary as students move through the program based on their individual performance and progress. Placement into the program is finalized after the annual auditions each year in June. To match the technical requirements of the Pre Professional Training curriculum, acceptance into the Core IV levels becomes more selective, and acceptance into the Ensemble levels becomes increasingly selective. Acceptance at the Core I level is not guaranteed placement for the duration of the program, students must audition annually and progress through the levels to maintain placement. For information or questions regarding this process please contact the program coordinator.


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