Faculty Profile Yoshi Amao

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    Yoshi Amao

    Yoshi Amao

    Samurai Sword


    After learning Kendo, karate, Japanese classic dance and acting, Yoshi Amao started to learn samurai sword fighting from Tahei Waki, the master of Waki ryu style of sword fighting. Yoshi formed Samurai Sword Soul in 2003, and has been producing and directing performances. His co-choreographed work for “Deadly She-wolf, Assassin, at Armageddon!” was highly acclaimed by New York Times in 2013.
    He has been teaching samurai class since 2003.

    “Samurai Sportsman” (Main/OLN)
    “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (Guest/NBC)
    “Monday Night Football Promo” (Main/ESPN)
    “Ai” (Support/Dir. Raffi Asdourian)
    “Deadly She-wolf, Assassin at Armageddon!” (Main/Choreographer/Japan Society, Mandell Theater, La Mama Theater)




    Class Description:

    This is the Sword Fighting Class of Samurai Sword Soul Style, which is based on centuries-old traditional sword fighting from Japan, Waki ryu style, and the essence of kendo, iaido, karate and kabuki dance.

    First, you will learn very basic sword techniques such as walking, gripping, breathing, cutting, and stances. Then, you will use all of these techniques in the combination activity. Also, you will learn some forms (KATA), which you synchronize with other samurais.

    Next, you will move on to the practical part, including the sword contacts with others as offense and defense. You will learn the sword technique of stopping, bouncing, dodging, parrying, sliding, cheating, etc. We may do kakari keiko (one vs multiple), one on one, depending on the situations.

    Finally, choreographies will be done. From beginners to experienced students, everyone will join the fighting scenes as one on one or one on multiple with music as the SHOW TIME!

    It’s fun, but you have to stay highly focused on watch, memorize and perform. It is a very good training for anybody to strengthen the concentration.

    Once you build your foundation, you will experience more and more exciting choreographies. Soon you will be able to recognize Samurai Sword Fighting not only as BUDO (a martial art), but also as beautiful PERFORMING ARTS.

    If you are looking for some exercises to improve your concentration and discipline, or if you are looking for the additional technique for your performing arts, dance and acting, this is the right place for YOU!!

    Beginners are always welcome!!