Faculty Profile Gail Accardi

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    Gail Accardi

    Gail Accardi

    Anatomy Awareness


    Gail Accardi works with dancers and others, especially those experiencing pain, injuries, alignment issues, or physical challenges of many kinds. She describes her work as creative physical problem solving; others call it body whispering. She draws on experience and ongoing study of dance, pilates, anatomy/kinesiology, somatics, and other moving and healing practices.

    Class Description:

    Anatomy Awareness class provides a setting in which to fully investigate questions and problems that may come up in regular technique classes. Class topics are tailored to individual needs. Gentle movement practices draw on dance, pilates, yoga, muscle-release work, etc. Working individually or with partners, students explore their unique alignments, learning to notice and release constrictions and mobilize areas of weakness to work with balance and efficiency. We look at basic anatomy of bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues, and how we use them in dance; and discuss common dance injuries and ways to try to avoid them. Awareness gained here can be taken into other classes, rehearsals, and everyday life. Dancers of all levels and nondancers are welcome. Movement work can be modified to allow those with injuries or physical limitations to participate.

                    Week of: Nov 23, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020