Faculty Profile Khristina Cayetano

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    Khristina Cayetano


    KCDC (Khristina Cayetano & Daniel Curry) is a high- powered duo based in New York City. Joining forces in 2008, together they have been training, developing, working, creating, and teaching for the past four years. Prior to their collaboration both Cayetano and Curry attended Performing Arts School where they each received training from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and additional training at Broadway Dance Center. While studying various techniques in Ballet, Graham, Horton, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop, and Tap both Cayetano and Curry saw the great need to amplify their dance vocabulary. Thus, when they searched for the opportunity to learn from established freestyle dancers and choreographers such as Tyrone "The Bone" Proctor, Princess Lockeroo, Val MsVee Ho, Lajon Dantzler, and Brian "Footwork" Green, KCDC found their outlet through freestyle dance. With this new outlet they sought to fuse their classical training with their street training to create what they connect as street jazz.
    With a passion for performing arts KCDC has thankfully had the opportunity to travel overseas and in the greater New York area offering masterclasses and workshops! They have been seen dancing for artists "Ne-Yo" and "Jody Wately". KC has recently been seen in the annual E-Moves Emerging Choreographers Showcase at Harlem Stages. DC has recently been seen in Broadway's Spider-man: Turn off the Dark. The two have a mission to share their love, dedication and appreciation for the art of dance and performance!

    Class Description

    Hip-Hop, Jazz, Commercial Choreography, Waacking, Voguing, and Contemporary movement are explored in a classroom setting with KCDC. A class that focuses on performance, concentrating on developing a character, telling a story and sharing your gift with confidence. This class will also aid in preparing those who desire to work professionally as dancers. We will attend to our bodies in a swift warm-up, adventure theatrically in space and learn a combo to develop your voice as an individual artist. Allow your self to open up to a fun- loving and "sweaty" experience!

    Take a look at a class video!

                    Week of: Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020