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Train in the Certificate Program and experience Peridance's vibrant dance community in the heart of New York City while preparing for a professional career in dance!


The Certificate Program offers postsecondary students a two-year training for high-level intermediate and advanced students who plan on a professional career in dance. The program includes 72 weeks of study, divided into four semesters with spring, winter, and summer breaks integrated into the teaching year. Enrollment is by audition and limited to applicants between the ages of 17 to 25 years old. The program emphasizes personal attention and nurtures each student's full potential as an individual and as a performing artist. The faculty is made of established as well as innovative teachers and choreographers.


The purpose of the program is to:
  • Help students achieve an advanced level of technique in a variety of dance disciplines and foster a student's extensive knowledge of the selected dance track
  • Help students advance their understanding of dance as an art form while nurturing their artistic sensibility and developing performance skills
  • Provide a platform for students to work with established artists who are currently shaping the local and international dance arenas
  • Prepare students to work with major dance companies on the concert stage
  • Develop students' professional attitudes and the discipline necessary to succeed in the field
  • Nurture each student's full potential as a performer and an individual

Tracks of Study

The Certificate Program offers students two distinct tracks of study, each with the goal of providing essential technical and artistic skills that will enable them to fulfill their professional career goals.

Ballet/Contemporary Track

This track offers training with master teachers in classical ballet, modern, and the latest contemporary techniques to prepare students for work with major dance companies and the concert stage. The curriculum includes classes such as pointe, men's class, partnering, improvisation, voice, and more.

Ballet/Contemporary Track graduates have gone on to dance with Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Parsons Dance, Balletto Teatro di Torino, Ballet Hispanico, Les Ballets Trockadero de Montecarlo, Sidra Bell Dance New York, Gallim Dance, Bat-Sheva Ensemble in Israel, MICHIYAYA Dance, BARE Dance Company, and De Funes Dance Company.

Commercial Dance Track

The Commercial Dance Track helps pave the way for a student's engagement in the commercial, entertainment industry, which includes musicals on Broadway and off-Broadway, TV and film, fashion shows, music videos, artist tours, and cruise liner engagements. This track offers training with the industry's leading professionals in hip hop, theater dance, contemporary, and jazz, waacking, house, dance hall, ballet, acting, voice, and more.

Commercial Dance Track graduates have worked for the Dr. Oz Show, Beyonce, Kelly Roland (BET), Kanye West, Will Smith, Travie McCoy, Bea Miller, Revlon, Nike, MTV, Google, Youtube, Adidas, Lucille Roberts Fitness, Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, MiAdidas, Camila Cabello, Porsche Cars, and RuPaul's Drag Race, Mystic India - the World Tour, Capezio Brands, Marriott Hotels, and more. Dancers have signed with talent agencies such as MSA and Bloc. Both Tracks include:

  • 3-4 technique classes per day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
  • Dance and academic classes
  • Repertory with rotating choreographers
  • Body conditioning classes including Yoga/Pilates/Stretch/GYROKINESIS
  • Personal mentoring and guidance
  • Contact and network-building with top choreographers, teachers, directors, and agents


The Certificate Program is divided into four semesters of 18 weeks each, over two years of study. The Program employs a credit hour system. Work is calculated in semester hours. Each semester hour is equivalent to 60 minutes.

Credit Definition:
Students earn one (1) credit for a minimum of three (3) semester hours of study each week, over a period of 18 weeks.

Students receive credits based on two criteria:
1. The fulfillment of the required hours of study.
2. The achievement of a passing grade that demonstrates sufficient progress within each course.

Credit Application:
1. A student earns two thirds (2/3) of a credit for each technique class successfully passed. Each technique class consists of one and a half (1.5) hours of in-studio work plus a half hour (0.5) of required individual preparatory work. The Individual work consists of stretching and strengthening exercises and reviewing corrections and work from previous classes.
2. A student earns one (1) credit for each performance skills or academic class successfully passed. Each performance skills or academic class consists of one and a half (1.5) hours of in-studio work plus one and a half (1.5) hours of required individual work. The Individual work consists of assignments that include research, reading, writing, and practice on their own.
3. A student earns half (0.5) a credit for each elective class successfully passed. Each elective class consists of one (1) to one and a half (1.5) hours of in-studio work plus a half hour (0.5) of required individual preparatory work.

A student is required to earn 15 credits per semester. A total of 60 credits is required to complete the program. A student can repeat a course in order to complete unearned credits.

A detailed Credit Allocation Table and Curricular Table for each of the tracks are provided in the Certificate Program Handbook.


During the program students have multiple opportunities to perform and demonstrate their skills. Performances offer a forum where students are evaluated and receive feedback from the Artistic Director and faculty, from a jury in closed sessions, and from the general public at after-performance receptions. Professional performances at the Center's Salvatore Capezio Theater are supplemented with studio showings of work-in-progress works during the fall and the spring semesters.

Learning Outcomes

The Certificate Program develops a student's body of knowledge and experience to a level of technical and artistic mastery that aligns with the institution's mission and the program's goals for student learning outcomes. Students who complete the program are prepared to work in the competitive international dance arena, supported by strong technique, artistic sensibility, and overall a comprehensive education.

Upon completion graduating students are expected to achieve:

  • Strong dance technique in the chosen track

  • Strong performance skills, stage presence, and live-performance experience

  • Knowledge of music composition, dance history, and the principles of creating choreography

  • Heightened artistic sensibility

  • A dynamic network within the local and international dance communities

Completion Requirements

To meet the academic standards for the Certificate Program, students must fulfill each of the following requirements:

  • Students are required to accrue 15 credits per semester for a total of 60 credits for the full program
  • Students must achieve a minimum C grade, which is a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 1.76
  • Financial account must be paid in full


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