Summer Intensive Dress Code

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The Dress Code for the Teen Intensive 2016 has been instituted for the benefit of the teachers, students, and Peridance Capezio Center. Proper dress code allows the teachers to see the students' bodies so that they can address proper alignment, posture, presence, etc. We ask for cooperation from both teachers and students in regards to enforcing dress code. Any student who does not adhere to the dress code may be subject to disciplinary action. Please remember you are not only a representative of your hometown dance school, studio, etc., but also of Peridance Capezio Center.


Girls: Black leotards, pink tights, and ballet slippers (canvas or leather). Pointe shoes for Pointe class.
Boys: Fitted white t-shirts, fitted black pants or tights, and ballet slippers (canvas or leather).
All warm-ups, sweaters, sweatpants, etc. should be removed after barre. Long hair must be worn tightly and neatly, i.e. bun, French twist. No tights with holes, rips, etc. will be permitted.


Girls: Black leotard and tights or fitted pants, shorts, or capris.
Boys: Appropriate, fitted dance attire. i.e. Fitted white or black t-shirts and black pants, shorts, or capris.
All feet should be bare; Socks are permitted at each teacher's discretion/requirements.


Dancewear should be fitted and appropriate. Jazz shoes should be worn; Character heels are at each teacher's discretion/requirements.

Hip Hop/House

Clean sneakers (No street shoes, please!) and comfortable dancewear should be worn.

All Technique Classes

NO plastic pants, over-sized shirts, scarves, and jewelry including facial rings, earrings, belly button rings, etc. Dancewear must be washed daily. Boys must wear dance belts. Undergarments must be neatly concealed. Hair should be neat and secure.


Dress Code applies as set forth for "All Technique Classes" Dancewear and shoes should be fitted and appropriate to the requirements of the choreographers.


Jewelry and nail polish are not permitted. Tattoos, if any, must be covered in make-up for the performance. Boys must wear dance belts. Undergarments must be clean, skin toned, and neatly concealed.