Teen Intensive June 24th - July 14th, 2019

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    "My favorite part of the intensive was that we trained in so many different styles of dance. I learned so much!"
    "I appreciate how supportive everyone was from faculty, and staff to fellow intensive students, I will miss everyone so much!"
    "I love the class choices."
    -Yaya Shourd (COCA-St. Louis)

    "I felt there was a sense of community amongst the intensive students and that it was easy to make friends and stay upbeat and energized because the students of the summer intensive are very friendly".
    "My experience at Peridance this summer was very beautiful and I loved it!"
    -Mariangela Esposito (Italy)

    "I loved hanging out and making friends. I also loved that every teacher taught something different and valuable."
    "I wouldn't change anything about the intensive. I thought everything was planned perfectly."
    "I liked the schedule and how the day was structured, and the variety of my classes."
    -Kamyle Stamp (Hawaii)

    "The contemporary classes were my favorite part of the intensive because that style is new for me and really pushed me past my comfort zone." -Avery Kearbey (COCA-St. Louis)

    "My favorite part of the intensive was the contemporary classes because when I do contemporary I feel free and I can express myself without any hesitation." -Flavia Meazza (Italy)

    "It was easy to communicate with everyone at Peridance because of the sense of community you felt. Peridance felt like home." -Destinne Jimenez (Florida)

    "I felt there was a sense of community amongst the intensive students. I made a lot of friends that were supportive and inspiring."
    "I loved the housing facility because the location was really nice and was surrounded by so many cafes and restaurants."
    -Melissa Scanlon (New York)

    "I found Chris Ralph's class to be extremely inspiring because the choreography brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me discover who I am as a dancer."
    "The staff at Peridance was all extremely helpful and welcoming."
    "I felt very comfortable around everyone and I made friendships that I hope will last well after the intensive!"
    -Allison Feller (New York)

    "I really enjoyed the choice classes because it gave me an opportunity to dance with professionals and push myself in a lot of different and challenging classes."
    "Calen kurka was a very inspiring teacher and I feel like I really understood what he was saying and that it resonated with me. I will take what he said with me back to my home studio."
    Olivia O'Reilly (New York)

    "I don't have one favorite part of the intensive. Everything was great! I learned so many new styles and the discussions we had with the teachers and staff were very informative and helped me learn a lot about myself as a dancer."
    -Brianna Encarnacion (Singapore)

    "I really enjoyed the contemporary and improvisation classes because we had exposure to teachers and styles that I have never experienced before coming to Peridance."
    "There is a strong sense of community at Peridance. Everyone was kind and open."
    "Igal Perry was such an engaging and helpful teacher. He was kind and gave specific corrections that stuck with me during the entire intensive. I will take his feedback with me as I continue my dance training."
    -Eleanor Franklin (New Jersey)

    "My favorite part of the intensive was the improvisation classes because before coming to the Peridance Teen Summer Intensive, the word improvisation, brought out a lot of fear and anxiety, but after doing it so much in this intensive, it soon became my favorite class!"
    "I've grown so comfortable with putting myself out there and growing and learning despite fear."
    -Carley DellaRatta (New York)

    "The Teen Summer Intensive participants and staff felt like a family."
    "My favorite class was street jazz with Brianna Mercado because she is such a happy and positive person. Her class challenged me and I loved it!"
    -Madison Pasquin (New York)

    "Calen Kurka is an inspiring teacher. His class taught me so much about dance, and he gives feedback beyond executing movement, such as authenticity in feeling, and going to class with clear goals."
    -Kelly Zheng (New York)

    "The teachers were all amazing. They all taught in different ways and different things. I honestly enjoyed every single class that I took because the teachers were all so motivating and inspiring!"
    -Jordyn Hubbs (Colorado)

    "I liked getting to know everyone in the intensive, and being able to learn from the dancers that came from places that are really different from where I live."
    "It was great to have a wide range of professionals to learn from."
    -Katie Tuchi (New York)

    "The improvisaton classes were my favorite because I went way out of my comfort zone and grew so much!"
    "Each class was so amazing and so different from the last. It was an awesome challenge to switch my mindset from class to class."
    -Willa Besner (New Jersey)

    "All of the instructors helped me gain a better understanding of my technique and perspective on different aspects of dance."
    -Isabel Lee (COCA-St. Louis)

    "Staying upbeat throughout the intensiv was easy because everyone had the energy that they wanted to be there."
    -Alexea Norman (Grier School-Pennsylvania)


Feel free to contact us anytime with questions at summerintensive@peridance.com or 212-505-0886.

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