Workshop Details Absolute Beginner Hip Hop with Cebo

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Absolute Beginner Hip Hop with Cebo Absolute Beginner Hip Hop with Cebo
Cebo Aug 3, 2019 - Sep 7, 2019; Sat

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Cebo's Bio

Terry B.J. Carr professionally known as Cebo the president of Next Generation NYC, LLC / leader designer for NXGN Designs / owner of Next Generation New York Studios Japan / Executive Director for GenX The Company, MiniX, and KiNEXtionS / Director of iRep and iRep Jr. / movement coordinator Go Noodle! / national program director Everbody Dance Now!

Being versatile has always been what it means to be a street dancer in New York. Winning my rst battle in 82' till now it is never about the moves you do but how you use the moves you have. Versatility has given me the advantage of learning about all dierent kinds of street dance styles and the cultures that they are associated with them. I try to make sure the integrity of those cultures are upheld,respected, and represented in its trust form. If you listen to the music you will then feel the music which will lead to you being able to dance to the music. If everyone is doing this in their own way we succeed in being together but not being the same.

Workshop Fees

Full 6-Class Workshop: $132.00
Workshop will NOT be pro-rated if student registers after the first day of class. Registration ends August 10.