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Experience Peridance's unparalleled creativity and talent!

The 'Spring Choreographers' Showcase' is an event that brings various youth dance companies together in harmony on one stage! This is a great and unique opportunity for young aspiring dancers to meet other young dancers from the area, dance alongside professional companies and perform in the state-of-art, Salvatore Capezio Theater located at Peridance Capezio Center.

This performance has been presented for the past 14 years but as a fundraising event for our Youth Ensemble and the outreach work they do with University Settlement. There is a participation fee, which will cover the cost of lighting, stage management, etc. but the focus of the performance will be about the connection we can make in between the groups and dancers. Peridance feels it is vital to make strong, lasting and meaningful connections with others like your self in order to be successful in this field. I feel it is my responsibility as an educator to give as much as I can to the students I teach and mentor and a performance opportunity like this is allowing me to broaden their opportunities. We are contacting you as we believe you feel the same way about your young dancers and hope you will join us this year and present a piece.