Peridance Capezio Center
Salvatore Capezio Theater

"It was very refreshing to see a dance company that represents many colors, shapes, and forms. To see dancers in varying body types and cultures is the essence of the diversity in New York City and a poetic mirror of the community in which they live.
I applaud Peridance as a company for exemplifying this in such an honest form of art, which is dance."

Tal Ben-Oni, Streeters USA, Inc.; 2015

Past Repertory | Current Repertory

After Lazarus

Choreography : Charlotta Öfverholm

Music: Adel Andersson, David Bowie, Alvina Lanselle
Costumes: Thomas Bjork
Lighting: Josh Monroe

Into the Light

Choreography: Jae Man Joo

Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Costumes: KeikoVoltaire
Lighting: Josh Monroe

"Courage is vulnerability. Vulnerability is courage. Like shadow and light, neither one can exist without the other." -W.LYuen

"Man Joo made masterful choices with lighting designer Josh Monroe to help us enter a realm within Into the Light, welcoming us into the deep dream he has created."
- Leigh Schanfein, March 12, 2016.

El Amor Brujo

Choreography by: Igal Perry

Music: Manuel de Falla and Esperanza Fernandez

Run Time: 32 minutes

Number of dancers: 8

The Company joins PostClassical Ensemble for Falla's El Amor Brujo. This tale of Despair and Hope is not limited to any people, culture, or time. In honoring Falla's music and delving into its Flamenco sources, Perry discovered a vast inspiration as well as a great challenge -- to relate the story to our own times without diluting the beauty and strength of its folk origins. Perry found the means for doing so by treating the Gypsy singer as a connecting link, intertwined with the characters and vocalizing the heights and depths of their emotions.

Crazy, Crazy Love..

Choreography by: Manuel Vignoulle

Run Time: 22 minutes

Number of dancers: 8

Love is a game of illusion and disillusion. We bet. Sometimes we win. Everything seems so new, energizing, and full of possibilities. Sometimes we lose. We end up feeling needy and abandoned. But addicted, we cannot stop hoping the next one will be "The One"!


Choreography by: Macia Del Prete

Music: Vladislav Delay, Roll the Dice, Piano Interrupted, Origamibiro

Run Time: 22 Minutes

Number of dancers: 8

Communication is at the core of life. It is, in fact, the essence of how we find our place in the world and how we share the world with others. This ballet and its vocabulary is based on observing how human gestures express complex ideas and how they are perceived.

Additional Repertory

Igal Perry

Guest Choreographers

Paloma Triste

Music by Tomas Mendez Sosa
Starring Jose Manuel Carreno and Elizabeth Parkinson

Constructs for 4

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Udacrep Akubrad

Music by Avner Dorman


Music by Luc Ferrari
Starring Elizabeth Parkinson

Ava Maria

Music by Fanz Schubert
Starring Jose Manuel Carreno

Words Unspoken

Music by Avner Dorman

Intimate Voices

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach


Choreography by Ohad Naharin

Music by Vivaldi

The Ungathered

Choreography by Sidra Bell

Music by Scanner, Paavoharju, Pan Sonic, and ISAN

I'm Here

Choreography by Enzo Celli

Music by Abel Krozeniowski


Choreography by Robyn Mineko Williams

Music by Lucky Dragons

I Am You.

Choreography by Kristin Sudeikis

Music by Ani DiFranco, Clint Mansell, and Devotchka