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Dance Break

Dance-Break is a new program designed to inspire artistic expression and help define individuality, confidence, and self-respect. Participants learn to use their bodies to communicate, to tell a story with movement, and in turn to experience the freedom and exhilaration of self-expression. Teaching Artists from Peridance Contemporary Dance Company perform short excerpts from their current repertoire, followed by a short engaging lesson. The curriculum will be based on founder, Igal Perry's sensibility and choreographic insight.

Curriculum includes three parts:

  1. A short performance by company dancers.
  2. Creative and fun Warm-Up: warming up the body using isolation, rhythm, speed, spatial awareness and imagery.
  3. Structured Choreography: learning basic elements of choreography just performed. (Example: weight sharing, musicality and port de bras or use of the arms.)
  • Dance Break is a 40-60 minute program. Days and times are flexible; Monday-Friday anytime between 9am-6pm. Dance-Break can be offered as a series or a one-time visit.
  • Can be adapted for grades K-12.
  • Curriculum is flexible and can be formatted to individual school's needs.

Average program cost: : $200 per visit
Please note: Dance Break is offered complimentary to institutions that meet the need-based criteria. (Please inquire for more details or learn how to apply.)

For more information please contact:
Shelley Grantham, Community Outreach Director
shelley@peridance.com / 212-505-0886