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    Joseph Zeisky

    Joseph Zeisky



    As a teenager in New York City in the early 1980s, Joseph Zeisky began his lifelong journey researching, studying and practicing alternative health and wellness arts and sciences, during a time when it was not so popular nor so easy to find esoteric knowledge, like how it is today with the great help of Google search and the internet. His passion for the movement arts and spiritual disciplines eventually lead him to study Shamanic and East-West methods of natural healing, such as only using common herbs, living-foods and meditation to detoxify the body in a synergistic way in order to recover more quickly from injuries and illness, accumulating over 30 years of experience in these exciting mind-body-spirit fields of study. However, he primarily focused on the Chinese and Japanese internal martial arts and energy cultivation systems of TAI CHI CHUAN (Grand Ultimate Boxing) BA GUA ZHANG (Eight-Trigram Palms), AIKIDO (Way of Harmonizing Energy), HSING YI CHUAN (Mind-Shape Boxing), YI CHUAN (Mind/Intention-Boxing), and extensively trained in their roots arts of QIGONG (life- force cultivation practices) and TAOIST MEDITATION (Natural Way of Stillness). He formally began his training in 1984 with the highly respected system of Professor Cheng Man Ching School of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, with one of Professor's main disciples Grandmaster Don Kuk Ahn. In the late 1980s, 90s and early 2000s, he continued training directly with other world renowned masters of the Internal Martial Arts, Qigong and Taoist Meditation, his other primary teachers include: Grandmaster Yu Cheng Hsiang, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, Master Kenneth Van Sickle, Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada, Sensei Seiichi Sugano, Master Bruce Frantzis, Master Luo Dexiu and Master Marcus Brinkman (O.M.D.).

    Well-known throughout the Taichi community for his skills in "Tui-Shou" ("Pushing-Hands" -a form of partner based martial arts practices and energy techniques that trains core Taichi principles and skills), Joseph won many national and international Taichi competitions, gaining the title of Push-Hands Grand Champion in 1987, ’88, ’89, and ’91. Winning these tournaments, combined with his over 25yrs teaching experience, has allowed Joseph to have a platform from which to share his unique teaching style and expertise in these internal arts, teaching in various communities nationally and internationally: Princeton University, Yale University, New York NY, Boston MA, San Francisco CA, Boulder CO, Orlando FL, San Juan Puerto Rico, Taipei Taiwan and London England.

    Always willing to upgrade his personal skills and knowledge whenever possible, in 2002 Joseph made a study sabbatical out to Asia to learn more from one of his primary Gao Style Baguazhang teachers, Master Luo Dexiu of Taipei, Taiwan and his senior disciples. But, after living and training intensively in Taiwan for the spring and summer seasons, he unfortunately had to cut short his martial arts adventure and return back to the United States, due to an illness in the family. Disappointed about the turn of events, he greatly contemplated on the nature of good and bad fortune and the hidden forces at play that may influence events in a negative way. It was precisely during this down time that Joseph had a revelation, about how modern-day students could better approach learning the internal arts and mind-body disciplines from the East. Most people truly wish to gain the great health benefits and exceptional physical and mental strength that can result from some traditional ways of training, but lack the time, energy, motivation and or financial resources to maintain a consistent practice. This universal dilemma inspired Joseph in 2004 to create a unique practice method and learning approach that could better help his students grasp the core skills and concepts of the internal martial arts, within a reasonable amount of time. So, he created a curriculum that emphasized more universal principles versus strict dogmas and traditions, and practices that gave students a more tangible sensation of the subtle animating force called "CHI" (bioelectric energy, life- force, life-breath). He calls his new teaching approach the “ZEIGUA" method, for more information visit his website: www.zeigua.com

    For more information, visit Joseph's website www.zeigua.com.

    Class Description:

    BA GUA ZHANG (Eight Trigrams Palm) is a beautiful internal martial art that combines powerful spiraling movements and forms with the ancient meditation practice of continuously walking in a circle, to calm the mind and strengthen the body; a complete mind-body-spirit system of seeking stillness through dynamic movement. TAI CHI CHUAN (Grand Ultimate Boxing) is historically the older sister art to Bagua that teaches how to balance opposites, root to the ground, move from the center and dissolve aggression by becoming soft and flowing like water; it achieves wholebody stillness primarily through very slow movement and standing in place meditation practices.

    These unique and innovative classes smoothly transition between some of the best classical healing sequences found and practiced in the more traditional Taichichuan and Baguazhang forms, to help beginners and experienced participants alike balance and strengthen their internal CHI (life-force) and condition the whole body. Next, students are paired off with each other to experience in a more kinesthetic way, the energy principles contained within the previously practiced forms and to further explore some of their more practical self-defense fighting applications.

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