Faculty Profile Chrybaby

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    Lite Feet


    From Harlem, NY, Chrybaby Cozie is one of the founding fathers of the Hip Hop freestyle genre called Lite Feet. Being raised in Harlem in the late 80’s was a source of great influence for Chrybaby, as it was his foundation for dance, music, and the source of inspiration to uplift the youth and communities around him today.
    Chrybaby has been teaching Lite Feet and Hip Hop, for more than 10 years and is currently teaching at Peridance Capezio Center, the Exile Professional Gym (EXPG), and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Chrybaby has been cultivating and keeping the Lite Feet culture alive for ten years with the NYC youth. Through the culture, he has created a Hip Hop dance organization called ‘The Bwreckfast Club’ E.A.T (Earning All Together) in 2005. ‘The Bwreckfast Club’ is a platform for youth, to build upon their passion, talent and be given an opportunity to promote themselves in a positive light. After the creation of ‘The Bwreckfast Club’ Chrybaby created ‘The Lite Feet Nation’; a community connected by individuals who were there from the conception of the dance genre, to the youth who keep it alive today.

    Class Description:

    litefeet 101 : connectivity, functionality ,fundamentals and history with chrybaby cozie- this introduction of litefeet will open your freestyle to becoming more than an 8 count, but more of a limitless free flow language composed of party grooves and a high-level technical battle style that separates its statements with a component called “the lock-in”.