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    Maor Shir Zuriel

    Kinetica Movement of the Nadine Bommer Dance Company

    Open Level
    Saturdays 11:00AM-12:30PM through August 31

    The Nadine Bommer Dance Company

    The Nadine Bommer Dance Company was established in Rishon LeZion, Israel, in 1994 by choreographer Nadine Bommer. Company dancers are graduates of the Academy, nurtured over the years by Bommer herself. Profoundly different in style from the Israeli scene, the dance company brings a distinctive new genre to the world of dance theater with its “Animato Art” method. “Animato” is a word born from “animation” and constitutes a source of evident inspiration in Bommer’s work, manifesting in its rhythms, perspectives, and humor. In 2007 Bommer completed her development of the Animato Art method which defines the companies stylistic character. The company’s movement language, “Kinetica,” was developed by Bommer and draws inspiration from the sea. It builds on following the kinetic energy (the energy of movement in space). Connecting with this energy creates floating watery movement which has no defining form. In Bommer’s creative works, it links to figures and situations which surface from her imagination, the outcome is “Animato Art”. Diverse images convey narratives through the vibrant movement. This symbiotically integrates the worlds of dance and theater while infusing content from the worlds of animation and comedy. Company dancers are not mere technical tools but a fascinating individualized performance as they dive into sensorial worlds changing character. Animato’s authentic style creates engaging energy. Characters and situations single out dancers in a way that has become an identifier of Bommer’s work. A dancer’s extraordinary belief in the character and situation causes the audience to connect to the experience. The honest moments occurring on the stage, create a direct link between the audience and the company.

    Maor Shir Zuriel Bio

    Maor Shir Zuriel is a graduate of the Nadine Bommer Dance Academy Completed her Animato Art Dancer track and Animato Teacher track with Honors Soloist for 10 years with the Nadine Bommer Troupe in Israel and New York. Currently, she manages the Nadine Bommer Dance Academy, the Rehearsal Director of the Nadine Bommer Ensemble, a guest artist in the Nadine Bommer Dance Companies in Israel and New York, and a Senior Animato Art method teacher worldwide.

    Class Description

    Kinetica is an Improvisational Movement Language inspired by the combination of the endless motion of the sea and kinetic energy in the space. Kinetica invites participants to see life from a different perspective by connecting with oneself through movement. Originally developed for her dancers, in order to provide unique and exciting movement, to support the enrichment of her Animato work. Nadine feels privileged and blessed this technique has evolved for everyone's well being; now sharing, this therapeutic technique, with people all around the world. Through Kinetica, you will experience how to connect to the endless movements of nature and heal your body through a deeply powerful mind and body connection. www.nadinebommer.com

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