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    Yin Yue

    Yin Yue

    Contemporary | FoCo Technique

    Cardio Dance | Yin The Zone


    Artistic Director Yin Yue of YY Dance Company (www.yydc.org) is internationally recognized as a versatile performer and choreographer. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, she trained rigorously in technically-demanding and highly-structured Chinese classical and folk dance, as well as classical ballet technique at Shanghai Dance School. She earned her undergraduate degree at Shanghai Normal University, equipping her with performance credits that spanned festivals and showcases throughout China. After further pursuing her MFA in dance from NYU's Tisch School of The Arts in 2008, Yin quickly gained recognition as a unique and exceptional talent among her peers. Yin created an innovative contemporary dance technique FoCo Technique that soon caught the attention of the dance industry and was taught by Yin Yue around the world.

    Yin Yue was the winner of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2015 International Commissioning Project, winner of the 2015 BalletX Choreographic Fellowship, and winner of Northwest Dance Project’s 5th Annual Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition in 2013. Through these high-profile successes, Yin was commissioned by all three widely-recognized companies as well as other companies and organizations namely Pennsylvania Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Limon Dance Company, Alberta Ballet, Balletto Teatro di Torino, Gibney Dance Company, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Whim W’him, Bruce Wood Dance, Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Boston Dance Theater, 10 Hairy Legs, New Dialect, Backhausdance, Tisch School of The Arts, George Mason University, Rutgers University, Point Park University, West Michigan University and Juilliard School for Dance. She was also awarded First Place in Choreography at National Professional Dance Competition in Shanghai, China, 92Y Harkness Dance 2016-2017 Artist In Residence, Emerging Choreographer of 2015 at Springboard Danse Montreal, as well as a finalist at The A.W.A.R.D Show 2010! presented by The Joyce Theater Foundation.

    Class Description - Contemporary

    The FoCo Technique class requires sophisticated understanding of dance technique and demands strong physical and mental stamina. The standard class is 90 min and it starts with an active follow-along sequence including Activating, Rooting and Mapping. In each of these sections, students are led by the instructor to develop awareness in muscular structure and response in order to achieve precision and control, identify and embody rhythmic pattern, dynamic change and intricate transitions, form strong interaction and connection with gravity and generate heat in the body to prepare for the phrase work. In the second part of the class a spontaneous phrase work will be created and taught in detail. Through learning the movement sequence, students will experience the coaching style and learn the quality of the movement. By the end of each class, the phrase work will be performed in smaller groups. It is your time to fully embody the combination, apply the instructions and enjoy the dance.

    Class Description - Yin the Zone - Cardio Dance

    Yin the Zone is a whole body workout system created by dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer Yin Yue. She took inspiration from what she learned while she trained and studied with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, collected 30+ years of experience and knowledge on dancing classical ballet, contemporary modern as well as being an internationally renowned choreogapher. Yin Yue molded a new efficient workout style Yin The Zone Fitness, which serves as an open platform for all useful and helpful trendy exercises movement to shine. The workout is designated to target specific areas such as thigh, butt, waist, arm and shoulder while you get a total body transformation by following energetic, musical and structured dance aerobic steps. Yin The Zone workout contains three components, toning, strengthening and cardio aerobic dance.

    Yin Yue Dance Company Artistic Director Yin Yue Rehearsing and Teaching reel from Yin Yue Dance on Vimeo.

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