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Bagua Workshop - Snake on the Circle Bagua Workshop - Snake on the Circle
Joseph Zeisky May 31, 2015 - May 31, 2015; Sun

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

This 3hr Baguazhang intensive will review the choreography of the "Snake Smooth Body Palm Change" in a square pattern format, which helps teach body connection, position and orientation. Then, this beautiful form will be practiced in a more dynamic way by continuously walking in a circle holding various upper body guard positions and then stopping to perform the "change," before walking on in the opposition direction; this type of practice helps train your whole mind and body to be more spontaneous, flexible and nimble, so that you could also better adapt to dramatic life changes.

Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagram Palms) is an internal martial arts system based on Taoist philosophy (Taoist -a person who follows the natural rhythms of the TAO / Nature) and the I- Ching (Book of Changes & Natural Wisdom). This Ancient Chinese art emphasizes harnessing Nature's torsion fields of spiraling bio-electric energies through its core meditation practice of continuously walking in a circle, to calm the mind and restore one's vitality. Additionally, various kinds of body conditioning forms called "Palm Changes" (short KungFu forms that stretch out the body like in yoga, but that also have the added function of training you in fighting skills) are performed while walking in a circle, to simultaneously develop wholebody power and practical self-defense ability.

Beginners and Experienced participants alike, will learn how to gently warm-up the body with simple Qigong (breath/life- force practice) related exercises to safely open the joints, increase energy flow and improve overall coordination before the core palm change training. And, then towards the last segment of the workshop, partner training and some practical self-defense applications will be explored to help give participants a fuller more well-rounded experience of the beauty and power of the "Snake Smooth Body Palm Change."

For more information, visit Joseph's website

Workshop Fees:
Full Workshop (3 hrs)
Pre-Registration is now closed. Please visit the front desk to register.
Day-Of: $75.00 (at Front Desk ONLY)

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