Workshop Details Repertory & Partnering with Young Soon Kim & WHITE WAVE Dance

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Repertory & Partnering with Young Soon Kim & WHITE WAVE Dance Repertory & Partnering with Young Soon Kim & WHITE WAVE Dance
Young Soon Kim Aug 30, 2018 - Sep 2, 2018; Thu, Sat, Sun

Technique Class - Thu 8/30: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Technique Class - Sat 9/1 & Sun 9/2: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Rep and Partnering Class - Sat 9/1 & Sun 9/2: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The New York based WHITE WAVE Dance Company led by Artistic Director Ms Young Soon Kim offers a three-day workshop that allows dancers a first- hand opportunity to experience and learn the highly physical, spiritual and perceptual approach to dance that has earned the company its international reputation. In the classes, participants will learn the company’s distinctive technique that emphasizes the natural rhythms of fall and recovery, the conscious use of breath, and the interplay between weight and weightlessness. The series of exercises in the workshop provide dancers with a tool kit that underlines an organic approach that can easily be adapted to a range of choreographic styles.

Each one and half hour session of the workshop begins by building technical skills. Ms Kim and the WHITE WAVE company leads participants through a series of technical exercises that focus on building strength through mind and body connections, ensuring at all times on the efficient use of the body. Ms Kim’s philosophy focuses on the personal, believing that the contribution of each individual dancer is distinct. The technical foundation realizes the fullest physical potential of the individual while allowing creativity and the imagination to prosper in tandem.

Warm-ups are an essential part of the training. Dancers are personally guided to connecting with the awakening sensations throughout their own body, focusing on muscle ease while allowing the skeleton to move freely, yet clearly.

Ms. Kim offers dancers the foundation to create expressive movements, providing dancers with broad brushstrokes, with which they can paint, elaborate and express their own storylines. The importance of this work is rooted in mindfulness, remaining in the present, and expressing emotions that are an organic extension of the movement.

During the three days the class progresses to learning specific phrases and partnering techniques from the company’s repertory. Described by international dance critics as “exhilarating, visually stunning and emotionally rich,” the technique brings improvisational and awareness that aims to awaken all the senses

Partnering: In the partnering exercises, participants begin by learning a short excerpt from the company’s repertoire. Following this the module progresses to explore how improvisation, imagery, visualization and a close investigation of the dancers’ own natural way work together during performance. The module discovers the fullest potentials of movement invention and builds up to daring and intricate partnering work.

Ms Kim offers participants her first-hand experience an exploration of how to attaining the skills for exceptional performance. Dancers will learn the skills of creative intent, nuanced phrasing, sensitivity to the self and the other, and in the moment decision, making skills that shape meaning in the viewer’s eye.

Through the three-day workshop strong emphasis is placed on working to the best of one's own personal abilities - and realizing that technique and exercise are just one part of the dance experience.

Following the Workshop, WHITE WAVE DANCE will conduct an open audition for male and female dancers on Contracts begin immediately. Dancers must be available from June 28-August 4th, 2019 for tour to Asia, along with other performances to be determined. Rehearsals are paid hourly rate, and performances are paid by per performance.

Audition Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 from 6-9pm at the Gelsey Kirkland ArtsCenter on 29 Jay Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

The audition is OPEN, however you MUST RSVP by sending a resume and headshot and Dance photo to audition.whitewave@gmail.comby August 22nd. A Non-Refundable Audition Fee of $20 is due on the day of the audition (FREE if participating in full workshop). Drop-Ins will be permitted into the audition based on availability. Pre- Registration is highly encouraged.

Wide press coverage, both here and abroad, has included features for WWOR-TV Channel 9’s 10 o’clock News and Fox 5 TV’s Good Day New York, PBS Channel 13’s NYC-ARTS. During its 60-day tour of the Far East in 1996, Ms. Kim was interviewed by CNN’s Inside Asia, which aired internationally. In 2012, WHITE WAVE’s 16-member ensemble toured Korea performing “Here Now So Long” and “SSOOT,”featuring live music and video art, in Seoul, Gwangju, and Sungnam. KBS-TV captured our performance, airing in August 2012, in Korea's version of PBS “Great Performances.” After featured at the 2017 La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, WHITE WAVE Dance’s Canadian Première of "iyouuswe" at the 2018 Vancouver International Dance Festival was a resounding success! The Georgia Straight's Gail Johnson raved that "This beautifully crafted piece...present[s] moments of subtle tension, but it pulses most profoundly with harmony." “In duets, trios, and other ever- shifting configurations, things unfurl organically; there’s a natural, poetic rhythm here that hums beneath, as if to imply things are unfolding as they should—whether it’s within a couple or the universe itself.” Click HERE to read the full review.

For more information about WHITE WAVE Dance, please visit
Click HERE to view of "iyouuswe" promo video

Thursday, August 30:
11:30am-1:00pm Technique Class
Saturday September 1:
10:00-11:30am Technique Class
11:30-1:00pm Rep and Partnering
Sunday September 2:
10:00-11:30am Technique Class
11:30am-1:00pm Rep and Partnering

Workshop Fees
Single Class: $20
Full Workshop $80