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Frequently Asked Questions

We aren't from New York, where will my son/daughter stay?
Peridance Summer Intensive students stay at Sara's Homestay, an upscale residence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The fee for housing is $1700, which covers both accommodations and supervision by our RAs. Students are paired in double rooms with roommates based on their age and class schedule. If a student requests a specific roommate, we are almost always able to accommodate the request. Students are provided with 1 each of pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, blanket, towel.

Is food provided? Are there meal plans for students?
No meal plans are provided. Intensive participants bring their lunches and snacks to Peridance each day. There are many cafes and shops near Peridance and the dorm, and Peridance does have a café on the 1st floor complete with an assortment of affordable food/refreshments, such as sandwiches, salads, healthy snacks, etc. For Housing students, the dormitory is equipped with a full community kitchen, minus ovens. Each dorm room has a refrigerator to store food. Students can go to grocery stores, convenient markets, etc. to purchase whatever they may need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of options near the dorm, i.e. Trader Joe's, and a list of resources are provided in the housing packet. Younger students can be supervised and guided in their purchases by Resident Advisers and Chaperones. Oftentimes, the RAs (while at the dorm) and Chaperones (while at Peridance) will also take the students out to cafes or restaurants so the students can sample all the different things NYC has to offer - this is decided day-by-day depending on what the students want to do.

How do students get to and from the studio and Sara's Homestay?
It is a 20 minute subway ride from Sara's Homestay to Peridance. The RAs accompany the students every step of the way in both directions if requested. The cost of a MetroCard is $116.50.

Is transportation to/from NYC included?
Transportation to and from NYC is not included in tuition or housing fees-participants are responsible to arrange their own transportation/flights. Peridance can arrange transportation to/from NYC-area airports for an additional fee.

Will my child be supervised? This is his/her first time in New York City!
We have at least 2 live-in RAs that stay on-site with the students and are available to them 24 hours a day over the course of the Intensive. We also have at least 2 Chaperones that monitor the students and are available to them while they are at the studio. For activities and excursions, usually all of the RAs and Chaperones together accompany the students on outings into the city. Upon enrollment, we asked parents to fill out an extensive set of permission slips detailing what their child can and cannot do during his/her time here at Peridance.

What do students do when they aren't dancing? Are there extra activities on weekends or evenings so that they can see NYC? What's included in tuition?
Several extra activities (a Broadway show, a trip to beach/Coney Island, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, street fair, etc. - list subject to change) are included in the cost of tuition. Any additional activities the students choose to do (ex: some students choose to see a second Broadway show) or food or souvenirs they would like to purchase while attending are at their own expense. There are usually 1-2 planned group activities per weekend, which students can choose to or not to attend (they usually do!). Often times students will often arrange extra little outings with the RAs and Chaperones if there are things they want to do or sights they want to see that have not been arranged as a group trip.

Is there financial aid or scholarships available?
Several partial tuition scholarships are granted each year to both male and female dancers. All scholarships are based on the combination of a dancer's technical and artistic merit as well as financial need and are awarded by Igal Perry, Artistic Director, after careful evaluation. To request financial aid or consideration for scholarship, please email a letter of request stating your need for financial aid with submission of your Application Form.

For additional questions, please email Summer Intensive Coordinator Rachel M. Hettinger at

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