Peridance Capezio Center
Salvatore Capezio Theater

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"Artistic Director Perry's world premiere, Dia-Mono-Logues (first movement), was a slight but noticeable departure from his usual vocabulary, while still presenting his signature polished aesthetic, powerful seamless duets, and the requisite reflection of music in movement." - Leigh Schanfein, March 12, 2016.

"Mr. Perry's choreography displays maturity. His devotion to his craft and his attention to music is evident in Infinity that together created a sense of serenity, a nod to the divine." - Darrell Wood, November 22, 2014 NYC Dance Stuff

"The dancers really know how to channel the different emotions to go along with the music,
making each performance stand out. This was Peridance's last performance for Summer In the Square 2013,
but I would definitely go see them again!" Dana Gibbs, August 25, 2013 MacDuff NYC

"Peridance Contemporary Dance Company is a wonderful group of strong expressive multi-faceted dancers presenting powerful choreography in a unique voice." Karen Shapiro, March 10, 2013 Wetpaint Journal

"Finding such strong emotional connection along with such deep and spacious movement is a rarity in dance today."
Stephanie Deere, March 19, 2013 Broadway World

"...the dancers of PCDC performed with ease of movement and clarity of line, each one of them skilled and highly-trained." Katherine Moore,January 21, 2012 Dance Informa

"Peridance Contemporary Dance Company represents everything that is right in the world of dance."
Wendy Potocki, May 6, 2012

"Igal Perry's El Amor Brujo is a real jewel. With the de Falla score played live by a chamber ensemble seated behind a gossamer white drape, the ballet evolves thru a series of dances which evoke traditional Spanish movement motifs yet remain vividly contemporary. El Amor Brujo is one of the finest danceworks I've seen in the past decade, and I hope I'll have a chance to see it again." Phillip Gardner, May 7, 2012 Oberon's Grove

"...gorgeous charismatic dancers and imaginative choreographers... a very strong and stirring performance that really touched my heart." Karen Shapiro, January 25, 2012 Wetpaint Journal

"Profoundly Memorable" "Igal Perry's choreography exploited his artists' attributes ... [becoming an] endless series of striking visuals that were an excellent fit for the music." Paula Durbin, December 4, 2011 The Washington Post