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Salvatore Capezio Theater

Our touring schedule for 2018 includes works by artistic director Igal Perry, Jae Man Joo, Norbert De La Cruz III, Adam Barruch, and Dwight Rhoden. For full length works, marketing materials, program and tour info, and press inquiries please contact

"It was very refreshing to see a dance company that represents many colors, shapes, and forms. To see dancers in varying body types and cultures is the essence of the diversity in New York City and a poetic mirror of the community in which they live. I applaud Peridance as a company for exemplifying this in such an honest form of art."
Tal Ben-Oni, Streeters USA


Choreography: Dwight Rhoden

Music: Jazz Standards by Nat King Cole

Complexions Contemporary Ballet choreographer and co-artistic director Dwight Rhoden's new creation for Peridance Contemporary Dance Company embodies his unique and dynamic style. Mr. Rhoden, recently described as "one of the most sought out choreographers of the day," by the NY Times, merges his highly athletic and virtuosic choreographic style with PCDC's talented artists.

"In this smoke-filled, brilliantly lit space, the dancers moved smartly in steps which ran the gamut
from ballet to ballroom to Broadway. The piece [was] entertaining and danced with vitality."
- Philip Gardner, Oberon's Grove, 2/13/13

Thundering Silence

Choreography: Igal Perry

Music: Vladimir Martynov

Costumes: Keiko Voltaire

Lighting: Brant Murray

Inspired by the music's audible silence and suspense, this work moves the dancers gradually - and at times abruptly - into a web of oscillating extremes, highlighting the differences as well as the utmost correlation between loudness and its nemesis: silence.

"It is an achingly beautiful work that almost defies words. Which might be the point after all, as resounding silence is its theme. "
- Bonnie Rosenstock ( March 7, 2015

Gran Partita

Choreography: Igal Perry

Music: W.A. Mozart

Company premiere: March 2017

Set to Mozart's sublime and sensitive score for wind ensemble, Gran Partita showcases dancers responding to the waves and nuances of the score. Perry is known for the reflection of music in movement in his choreography, and this work is a perfect example of his fresh, timelessly elegant style.

After Lazarus

Choreography : Charlotta Öfverholm

Music: Adel Andersson, David Bowie, Alvina Lanselle
Costumes: Thomas Bjork
Lighting: Josh Monroe


Choreography: Igal Perry

Original Music: Ofer Bashan
Company premiere: March 2017

Artistic Director Igal Perry's latest evening-length work, Dia-Mono-Logues, is set to an original composition by Israeli composer Ofer Bashan and sections are played live by a string quartet led by acclaimed cellist Nan-Cheng Chen.
"Perry's masterful choreography and Bashan's music are a perfect union."
- Bonnie Rosenstock,

Into the Light

Choreography: Jae Man Joo

Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Costumes: KeikoVoltaire
Lighting: Josh Monroe

"Courage is vulnerability. Vulnerability is courage. Like shadow and light, neither one can exist without the other." -W.LYuen

"Man Joo made masterful choices with lighting designer Josh Monroe to help us enter a realm within Into the Light, welcoming us into the deep dream he has created."
- Leigh Schanfein, March 12, 2016.

Additional Available Ballets

Conflicted Terrain

Choreography: Igal Perry

Music: Henryk Górecki's "String Quartet #3"

Featuring an on-stage string quartet placed on four movable panels. The relationship between the spacial patterns of the dancers and musicians create a chess-like effect. There the intricacies of classical and contemporary ballet are intertwined. The relationships and dynamics morph as the dancers and musicians advance through ever-changing patterns.

"To me this seemed like a beautiful metaphor for how deeply and intimately a dancer or a choreographer can become with a piece of music and the performance of it - as if there's no real demarcation where the music ends and the dance begins."
- Karen Shapiro, March 10, 2013


Choreography: Igal Perry

Music: Beethoven, "Hammerklavier" Sonata: Adagio

Inspired by the striking images of rural landscapes frequent in Salvador Dali's paintings, Igal Perry's new creation for the season is set to the famous Adagio movement of Beethoven's Sonata Hammerklavier. The work, which depicts the delicate vulnerability of the human image against a background of vast, open spaces, derives its style and timbre from. the music's sustained and often haunting passages.

"The piece was an undulation of powerful partnering and compelling entrances and exits…..This piece, while presented in a tight package of musicality and specific movements, also demonstrated the living, breathing thing that is dance."
- Stephanie Deere, March 19, 2013 Broadway World

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