Peridance Capezio Center
Salvatore Capezio Theater

Meet the Artists Performance

Our Meet the Artists Performances inspire students of all ages with a captivating performance including audience participation followed by a Q&A session. During the show, students actively engage with the dancers through compositional exercises led by Outreach Director Shelley Grantham. Your students will gain a personal experience by having the opportunity to speak and interact directly with our professional dancers.


  • Performances led by Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Peridance Youth Ensemble, or other affiliated performance groups
  • Various styles of dance shown through the performance, including Ballet, Contemporary, Salsa, African Dance, Hip Hop, and more
  • Group participation after the performance: all the students involved in basic improvisational/compositional exercises based off the pieces shown
  • Q&A Session includes a discussion about the history and compositional elements of the pieces shown

Program Benefits:

  • Typically 40-50 minutes long (or the length of a class period, but can be adjusted)
  • Best suitable for grades K-12
  • Excellent tool to teach your students how to watch the performing arts in a thoughtful manner