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Antonia Katrandjieva - Intermediate Yoga

Yogea is a newly developed contemporized yoga style tailoring Balinese, Chinese and Indian ancient yoga traditions to the needs of the modern individual. This class based on the concept that “form follows energy” is intended for individuals who wish to gain further flexibility, establish a strong core, postural alignment, develop a general kinesthetic awareness and a sense of energetic flow in the body. The class opens with a brief alignment-visualization exercise intended to bring the focus inwards into the subtle sheaths of the body. A soothing “pranayama” (breath-extension) exercise follows, enabling students to purify nerve channels, open meridians and shift focus from the physical to the energetic self. The practice unfolds into a flow based sequence of postures teaches students to integrate rhythmic breathing with conscious movement, linking postures, moving with complete awareness as they increase strength and flexibility. The asana routine enhances glandular stimulation, promotes flexibility and reduces stress. The asanas (postures) are linked into an organic fabric of movement and breath reminiscing the spiral periodicity of the ascending and descending harmony of the Universe, letting the practitioner coil and uncoil through space, reliving creation as a spiral dance of attunement with the underlying oneness of the Universe.

                Week of: Jun 18, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018
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9:00AM - 10:00AM   Inter Yoga
  Inter Yoga

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