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The Seminar Program at Peridance!

An innovative, affordable program for International Visa Students

The Seminar Program is a 6-month course of study that offers students a wide variety of dance classes from the Peridance Open Schedule and an opportunity to focus on other areas essential to performing artists.

Track 1: Body Conditioning (4 hours a week) Vincent Yong
Body Conditioning is a specialized training program that conditions and prepares the dancer's body for specific and unexpected situations in dance. The objective of this class is to allow the body to be sensitive, adaptive, and integrated by tapping the developmental patterns of the human body. In each exciting 2-hour class, students experience a journey of self-discovery, an expanded spectrum of movement and mobility, which widens their range of performance capabilities through Laban Movement Analysis. Students also learn how to care for their bodies in order to recuperate and recharge for another day of dance.

Track 2: Voice Basics(2 hours a week) Aubrey Johnson Acting Basics (2 hours a week) Kevin Bernard
The class focuses on learning how to use your voice in a free and comfortable way by building healthy vocal technique, reducing tension, and learning how to breath properly. The class will also focus on building repertoire in several different genres (musical theater, pop/rock, R&B, and jazz), selecting appropriate audition material, and basic music theory/ear training. The acting class is built up around improvisation, theater games and vocal performance.

Track 3: English (4 hours a week). Chikako Yamauchi
These classes are customized to the individual's (and dancer's) needs. Before joining this track you must have an interview with Chikako, so that your level and goals can be evaluated and a meaningful pathway to success can be created.

Choose 1 seminar track:
Each week = 9 ninety minute dance classes from the Peridance Open Schedule + 4 hours of your seminar track.

Choose 2 seminar tracks:
Each week = 7 ninety minute dance classes from the Peridance Open Schedule + 8 hours of seminar classes.

Choose 3 seminar tracks:
Each week = 5 ninety minute dance classes from the Peridance Open Schedule + 16 hours of seminar classes.

Step 2: Choose your dance classes from Peridance's comprehensive class schedule.

Class levels range from Introductory through Professional. Choose from Ballet, Modern, Limon, Contemporary, Horton, Jazz, Theater, Hip Hop/House/Street Styles, Street Jazz, Tap, Salsa and African Based. Classes must be 90 minutes each to fulfill your student status requirements. Look at our class schedule for inspiration!

Step 3: Submit your registration online

The Seminar Program requires a 6-month commitment. The enrollment process is easy and you can start your course of study at the beginning of every month of the year!
  • Fill in the registration form and pay the non- refundable registration fee of $350.
  • Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email as well as an Admission Package.

Step 4: Submit a completed Admissions Package

  • In order to participate in the Seminar Program, International Students must apply for a F-1 Visa from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • To learn about the application process required, please see the International Students Program Information page and follow the procedures under How to Apply. Note: Go directly to Step 2 in the application process. Registration fee of $350 is only paid once.
  • Applications should be submitted no less than 3 months prior to the desired start date. All application materials must be submitted in English.

Step 5: Pay your tuition

  • Tuition fee is $3600, which you can pay in full upon enrollment.
  • You also have the option of paying the first 2 months to reserve your place, and then in 4 installments of $600, with an additional fee of 3% ($18) a month.
  • Visa students, who are currently studying at Peridance, can extend their studies with the Seminar Program by paying an extension fee of $200.

All fees, programs, policies and prices are subject to change.
This program does not include participation in special workshops or master classes.

Additional questions?

For any questions about the application process and requirements, please contact our International Program Coordinator Tel: (212) 505-0886 /

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