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Hear from Intensive Semester Graduates!

I would say the Intensive Semester program exceeded my expectations. I never thought I could grow so much in every style, in every way. I made friendships and relationships with students and teachers alike that will last forever. I'm very happy with how this semester went. -Molly Null, Fall Semester '16

This was a very complete program. It's not just a dance course, and for me it was the best option to start with this program first, and then audition for the certificate program later on. It was like an "introduction" to what I was about to experience here at Peridance and in NY. It helped me get to know the teachers, how they run classes, and how the school works. -Valeria Ramirez Vazquez, Fall Semester '16 / Certificate Program '17

As I'm from Germany and trying to stay in the US for a longer period of time, this program has basically affected my entire life. Of course, my dancing improved; I got to experience so many different classes, so I'd say I've broadened my horizons. I've also met a lot of people who have and will be affecting my life - friends, and hopefully also teachers and choreographers. I have been very very happy with this program. I would not have expected to be put into intermediate and advanced-intermediate classes from the beginning, but I am very thankful that the coordinator did this! Before I applied for the program, I came to NYC and tried different schools, and also now, after I've been here for 6 months, I would choose Peridance again. It has the largest faculty, amazing teachers, a great variety in styles, and I like the atmosphere. It's just great. -Theresa Fervers, Fall Semester '16

The mentor and coordinator both did a fabulous job in supporting me, and all the other dancers in the program. Rachel read every word of my self-reflections and responded with such care, kindness, and wonderful advice. She was available to meet with me whenever I had questions or concerns, and was never bothered by my minute-detail questions. Erika, too, offered honest and helpful advice, especially in terms of which classes to take. She really saw me and my dancing for where I was at, and looked at which classes would both support me and push me. She's very familiar with all of the various styles and teachers that are offered at the studio, and she is great at helping coordinate a schedule that supports your growth. -Rebecca Murray, Fall Semester '16

The Intensive Semester program developed my dancing skills and my personal skills. I developed my memory skills and my technique. The program also exposed me to different and unique styles that I had never seen before, and it gave me the opportunity to experience them all! -Maya Ronen, Fall Semester '16

I loved the Intensive Semester program and am very grateful to have chosen to complete it. It is very serious and personal, and encourages each student to push themselves to their limits and create their own opportunities. -Noga Raban, Fall Semester '16

went through a big personal growth during this program. I can be really shy, but now I'm taking every chance there is. Even though sometimes I'm not flawless, I have fun and take the opportunity to learn! I have a lot more confidence and I'm hungry to learn more! In this program, I expected a lot of classes, getting in shape, and having fun while doing that. But I didn't expect so many opportunities while in the program, like teachers asking to perform with them! That was a great surprise. -Melany Smith, Fall Semester '16

A really good aspect of this program is that it requires you to get up and keep reaching. There were some morning when I would wake up and not feel great that day, but I had to go and take my classes that day anyway. Through this though, I learned that when a day comes when I have a bad feeling, I start to dance and those bad feelings are all released. I finish the day with a big smile and happiness! -Lee Valis, Fall Semester '16

Everything in this program was totally new for me, and I overcame being scared of it. I became more confident about myself. I'm much stronger than before, and more versatile in picking up different styles or routines. Personally, I became more disciplined about what I have to work on and learned to never stop working on anything. I found different things to work on every class, every week. I continued growing in every aspect while enjoying dancing each and every style no matter what. This program is perfect for anyone who is new to the country and the city, and to the one who doesn't know where to start within the dance community. The six months gives you time to settle and understand yourself, as well as learn what you are good at and what doesn't work for you. -Koomal Surve, Fall Semester '16

Through this program, I improved on my focus in class. I am now strong enough to maintain my focus through all of my classes through the day. It also helped me learn and gain stamina and endurance. Having six months without much of a break is great because when you work professionally, that is likely to happen often, and you need to learn how to work intelligently when you're very tired. The mentor and coordinator helped me with anything I asked. They were so accommodating and got to know every student and their individual strengths and weaknesses. -Rosalia Panepinto, Fall Semester '16 / Certificate Program '17

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