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    Korhan Basaran


    Korhan Basaran is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. He is artistic director of his project based company which welcomes artists from different disciplines. His company is founded to bring daring, fearless, gentle and people together through the bright light of dance. Basaran’s creations include “I am Korhan, this is my dance” “K’s Search for L” “This is not a Hamburger” “RAu” and “Heva”. Basaran created Ikiliskiler and 2nd RAu in 2014 and “Cage’d” in 2015 for he residency program in Akbank Sanat. He collaborated in the Dance Motion USA production of “Unsettled” and premiered at BAM in 2014, the toured to Yerevan and Istanbul after the NY premiere in the spring of 2015. He has also created commissioned works for Nimbus Dance Works, MMDC, Akbank Sanat of Istanbul, Project 44, and MDTistanbul Project. Korhan Basaran has been working on bringing humans together to freely create art works that transforms both the artists and the audience.

    “A contemporary artist is responsible for being aware of what has been accomplished before, what is being experienced at the moment and therefore bringing out what the next step in the arts should be which directly affects where humanity goes. The more inspiring you become as an artist, the more you will affect the peace and beauty humanity will be able to embrace.”
    from “Das Manifest - 2012” by Korhan Basaran

    Class Description

    The information which is collected over the years as a dancer and a choreographer working with several instruments with artists from various disciplines, after distillation, form a unique vocabulary and sensation about dance. The contemporary information includes being aware of all the previous information that is available to you, transforming it into your own / genuine way and being able to respond to the moment and use the energy that is already there. Teaching is simply breathing in the same room and sharing the experience all together. When building up a class, I try to encourage the instruments to take risks at all times therefore the brain is always active, the dancer is always connected to the self and aware of the surrounding and pushing the limits constantly.

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    Click the link to view Korhan Basaran's solo performance, Nonetheless.

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