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    Amy Marshall Guest Artist! Guest Classes!

    Tuesday/Thursday August 25 & 27



    Amy Marshall, Artistic Director, spent her early performing career based in New York City and dancing around the world with the companies of Paul Taylor and David Parsons, H. T. Chen and Dancers, Cortez and Company and many more. Born in Kyoto, Japan, she possesses an innate curiosity and passion for cultural history. The essence of her art is dance as metaphor for life's experiences. After a decade of performing professionally, Ms. Marshall established the Amy Marshall Dance Company in 2000. Her motivation to test the physical boundaries of dance through her work established the unique character of her choreography. Trained at Goucher College with a double major in Dance and Theater, Ms. Marshall has become a renowned choreographer in her own right. Her repertoire has been set on professional companies and universities across the nation. In addition, Ms. Marshall serves as a mentor to dancers and choreographers through her work on numerous panels including American College Dance Festival, North Carolina School of the Arts "Arts Exchange", and South Carolina Dance Association. She is also an Associate Professor of Dance of Hofstra University. Ms. Marshall sees dance as both the embodiment of life's complexity and the pure elation it imparts to the world.

    "Igniting people’s excitement for dance is my passion. To leave the viewer with a lasting impact my choreography uses a combination of athleticism and a lyrical intricacy of movement. Mixing contemporary themes with classical structure I fuse these elements into an enduring emotional experience. That which lasts beyond the performance itself is the essence of my work." For more information, please visit the Amy Marshall website.

    “…the kind of production that would prompt audiences of all ages to acquire a taste for modern dance.”
    -Lisa Jo Sagolla, Back Stage

    “…beautiful movements along with the voluminous costumes filled the stage with grace as well as power.”
    -Macau Daily Times

    Class Description

    Amy Marshall Style: Helping the next generation of dancers realize the quilt of dance roots combining pure vitality with classical foundations. The path of every person working, living and growing comes out in every emotionally uplifting class bringing dancers a purely rewarding dance experience. Amy Marshall’s choreography is known for its athleticism and dramatic dynamic. In fact, dancers who have studied Ms. Marshall’s style find it is the “feel-good” style that makes them remember why they love to dance.
    The Marshall style centers on the intricate use of the back, devouring space vertically and horizontally through explosive movements, and weaving the juxtaposition of powerful and fluid qualities. Classes are meant to be challenging, insightful, exciting, and artistically fulfilling. Amy Marshall is an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, teacher, and mentor. It is Ms. Marshall’s mission to help each dancer she teaches reach their potential as dancers and artists.

                    Week of: May 21, 2018 - May 27, 2018

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