Faculty Profile Loryane Ogay

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    Loryane Ogay



    Lauriane discovered the hip-hop culture being a teenager in Switzerland. She right away researched information on where she could dance and be part of that scene. Eager to get better and learn more, she went from school to school, to finaly find the real underground Hip-Hop establishement she was looking for; "First Move" School. This is when the performances and competition (Battle) started. She has been able and lucky to meet the right persons who were able to open those doors and show this world to her. Simultaneously she has been travelling to different countries as France, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Belgium to participate in events, parties and workshops. Knowing where the culture was coming from, New York came up on her travel journey in 2008 and this was the trigger associated to her passion for the Hip-Hop and House culture. Classes (Tony McGregor, Sekou,, Caleaf) and parties were on the planning, everything that could immerse her in that culture. 2010 was her second trip to New York and Canada for an international competition. During her time in Switzerland, Lauriane was member of the association "Reprezent Yourself" and GoNuts in Lausanne, organising Hip-Hop events and parties in order to promote that culture in her country. In 2012, Lauriane left Switzerland on her own to travel some more, Cuba, Madagascar, Canada, USA. She spent 6 month in USA, to then, officially move to New York. Since then, she is fully involved in this culture and is part of DFF (Dance Fusion Family), ATF Collective (all About The Feeling) and Passion Fruit Dance Company. Training, teaching and performing when the opportunities come, are part of her lifestyle. Lauriane’s other passion lies behind the lens. As a photographer she has worked with/for LayeRhythm, Negusworld, Dancing in the streets, Still 1 a.ka Loreto Jamling, Building Shop NYC. She as well works as a freelancer and organizes her own photoshoots.
                    Week of: Oct 19, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020