Faculty Profile Rhodesia Robledo

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    Rhodesia Robledo


    Rhodesia (Rho) Robledo was born in New London, CT the 6th child of 8. With so many people in the household, Rho grew up exposed to many different types of music and sub cultures. Drawn primarily to hip-hop and R&B, dance and movement came naturally to Rhodesia. She became culturally involved in the dance community as a teen. Throughout high school, Rhodesia participated in talent contests, variety shows, performed with a dance groups, organized practice sessions and helped organize dance events for children in New London. This involvement solidified Rhodesia as a dancer within the community. In 2003/2005 Rhodesia worked for the Garde Arts Theater as a choreographer for an after school program working with inner city at-risk youth.

    The program worked with middle school and high school kids in collaboration with Colors of Life and Writers Block. Rhodesia kept dance music in heavy rotation forever influencing her dance style. Rhodesia first attended her first NYC club (Club Shelter) during her college years, at the end of 1996 changing the trajectory of her involvement within dance and creating a nitch for herself. From 1996 on, Rhodesia jumped head first into the NYC underground club scene and never looked back.

    Rhodesia became an original member of Michael “U4Ria” The Movement Foundation in 2006, and joined Ladies of Hip-Hop in 2011. She performed, attended and facilitated workshops with both crews. In March of 2014 Rhodesia officially joined MAWU. Rhodesia has organized and taught workshops in Connecticut, New York City, Brooklyn, Boston, Miami, Mexico, Norway and Italy. Helped to create and organize new creative works that turned into two full hour length performances under MAWU. Red Hook Festival Spring 2015 and Journey into House Nov 2016. Rhodesia is currently teaching dance for a Summer Dance Camp and is helping to bring House Music and more awareness about Club and DJ culture to Connecticut. Rhodesia continues to be involved within the NYC underground dance community and helps to influence and inspire the next generation.
                    Week of: Oct 19, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020