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"Peridance is a great place to take class. I have always found the teachers to be supportive and knowledgeable,
and the environment comfortable and friendly."
Marina Z., longtime student

What made you decide to continue your study at Peridance?
"I felt the need to continue my dance training for a bit longer, after finishing the Limón Program. Peridance was an easy choice, due to the flexibility they have in choosing the classes you want to take. Moreover, I got the opportunity to work part-time as a dance teacher, as part of my curricular practical training. I used to work a lot as a dance teacher back home in the Netherlands, and I started to miss the interaction with students. So this was the perfect combination; continuing my dance studies while being able to teach!"

What do you like about the classes at Peridance?
"It's nice that I can adjust Peridance's classes to my daily schedule. It allows me to explore different teachers and find the ones I understand and my body works well with... I now have 4 or 5 favorite teachers. I return to their classes regularly because they all have improved my understanding of dance substantially."

"I found it so exciting to go to so many different classes. It was a lot of information and impressions, but it was totally worth it. It was also great to take other classes to discover that the principles of the Humphrey/Limon technique are a great help and very adaptable to other dance styles too. Once I found the additional classes and the styles and teachers I wanted to follow at Peridance, it was just an amazing journey, ready to make you grow!" - Helen Hannak, Germany

"Peridance is a great place to take class. I have always found the teachers to be supportive and knowledgeable, and the environment comfortable and friendly." - Marina Z.

"I chose Peridance because this is the school that corresponded to my expectations and especially there are many teachers, workshop and it's a great place to grow and learn. The administrations people are always here for helping you. The atmosphere In Peridance is like family between dancers unlike other schools in NYC where I could feel a certain competitions and strange atmosphere between dancers. Peridance is a really great school that's why I want to stay longer. This school gives real opportunity for dancers." - Lisa Bathily, France

"It's a very good experience for me, I learned a lot from the program. And I think it challenge myself. The faculty members here are so amazing. It absolutely meet my expectations." - Yun Zhou, China

"I finished high school at the end of last year. Dancing has always been a major part of my life, I was unsure if I wanted to be a dancer or follow other paths. I decided to take a year off to travel and come over here and give this program a go! As much as I loved it, it has made me realize that I have dance in my life as an outlet and hobby, it is not a fulltime activity for me. This program has shown me how to incorporate dance in my daily life." - Chelsea Casey, South Australia

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